Nike Air Zoom Pulse


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Las Nike Air Zoom Pulse presenten un disseny d'eficàcia provada per a infermers que combina amortiment i una tracció flexible per oferir una sensació natural còmoda que resisteix els torns llargs sobre superfícies seques i lliscants. El disseny durador és fàcil de netejar, posar i treure, ideal per a les situacions inesperades.

  • Color mostrat: Blanc/Blue Hero/Pure Platinum
  • Model: CT1629-100

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Ressenyes (181)

3.9 Estrelles


DonavonS785571957 - 18 de gen. de 2022

It might seem like they will keep slipping off the back of your heel when you first wear them but bear with it; it is just because you are not used to the feel of them. THEY DO NOT SLIP (IF YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE). They are more like crocs or slippers than a trainer. There is no shoe better for 12.5 hours shifts. They are much lighter than the competition, easy to wipe and the double hooks make taking them on and off a breeze. I have used all sorts of shoes but most of them make your feet sweat, cut your heels, or just feel too heavy during a 12.5-hour shift but I have none of those problems with the Nike Air Zoom Pulse.

A D. - 17 de gen. de 2022

Really comfortable even after more than 10 hours shift, but really slippery if there is water on the floor. The size for me fix the same I always have with Nike. Really easy to clean materials. The only thing I will ask Nike is to make the sole with non-skid materials.

Great concept, poor craftsmanship

RobertG255645281 - 13 de gen. de 2022

I was excited when I saw these at the Nike outlet. I immediately bought them as a gift for someone. After being on their feet for twelve hours at a time I had high hopes that these shoes would be better than the boost that they normally wear. It took a couple of shifts to break them in but apparently once they are broken in they begin to fall apart. I do not believe that they were water resistant either.