Nike Air Zoom Pulse


124,99 €

Las Nike Air Zoom Pulse presenten un disseny d'eficàcia provada per a infermers que combina amortiment i una tracció flexible per oferir una sensació natural còmoda que resisteix els torns llargs sobre superfícies seques i lliscants. El disseny durador és fàcil de netejar, posar i treure, ideal per a les situacions inesperades.

  • Color mostrat: Negre/Negre/Negre
  • Model: CT1629-003

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El disseny queda petit; et recomanem que demanis mitja talla més

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Ressenyes (190)

3.9 Estrelles

  • Not that good

    42f645bd-14bc-4139-8a47-6d97e4e37b9d - 30 d’abr. de 2022

    The shoe isn't too small lengthwise but height wise. I feel like the shoe is squeezing the top of my toes. They also look weird in person.

  • Great but don't last

    05da5307-b63b-4075-a372-c6e41cae70ce - 13 d’abr. de 2022

    As a nurse I love how comfortable these shoes are and that they are waterproof. I have had them less than a year and only wear them at work and the heels have broken down. My partner has some (also a nurse) and hers wore down in less than 3 months. Otherwise they are great.


    162c16a9-6a33-458c-8aad-2b7f0de21a5d - 01 d’abr. de 2022

    I Absolutely Love these sneakers they are waterproof slip resistant and if you spill something on them just wipe it off They are Super Comfortable I wear them to work and out walking never had any problems at all I don't wear socks with them they molded to my feet no slipping of the heel feet don't slide in them I just can't say enough about them except I Love Them!!!!