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Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite FG

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Hyld spillets største konkurrence i et design, der er præget af den videnskab om sammenhold og tyngdekraft, som verdensscenen inspirerer til. En kulfiber-kromplade komplementerer et fantastisk futuristisk look, der er skabt til at sidde på verdens bedste spilleres fødder. Den har en Zoom Air-enhed og gribetekstur ovenpå, hvilket giver enestående boldføling, så du kan dominere i kampens sidste minutter – når der er mest brug for det.

  • Farve vist: Metallic Copper/Metallic Copper
  • Stylenr.: DR5932-810

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Anmeldelser (4)

4.5 Stjerner

  • Amaan56854426 - 01. mar. 2023

    I like the product but It can be a little hard to put on.

  • Abel564164040 - 11. jan. 2023

    These are the best cleats for attackers compared to many other cleats. To begin with the Mercurial cleats are among the lightest boots and give out amazing traction making them very good for speedy wingers.This is because the cleat is made of light material which helps out for the player as it is worn by one of the fastest football players in the world. For example Cristiano Ronaldo and Kyllian Mbappe wear these cleats to become a more speedy and faster dribbler. Another reason is they are very light, very durable, and have great protection for the foot and ankle.The almost sticky skin on the upper part of the cleat is designed to assist with your touch, passing and shooting, while also offering protection. The cleat also features a “Speed Cage” design which basically means that they’re tighter, sleeker, and more durable than ever. Lastly the cleats comes with many colorways so you can customize it however you want.Critics may argue about not getting their cleats after 2 months but im sure that the company will get that fixed soon enough, other than that there really aren’t any problems with the cleat itself.

  • Beautiful boots but they don't last

    AlexanderF293854941 - 10. jan. 2023

    The boots were great, they were my first professional boots and I loved them. The big problem I had is the chrome part of the shoes. In the first game, part of the chrome on the sole disappeared. I was so happy to have some fantastic shoes but very sad because I had to return them. 😔😔