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Nike React Phantom GT Pro TF

599,97 kr.
899,95 kr.

Nike React Phantom GT Pro TF er specialudviklet til kraftfuld præcision. Et forhøjet mønster giver optimalt spin og boldkontrol. Tilsætning af blødt skum giver dig en fjedrende fornemmelse.

  • Farve vist: Sort/Cyber/Light Photo Blue/Sort
  • Stylenr.: CK8468-090

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Anmeldelser (3)

5 Stjerner


BenM250336914 - 04. apr. 2021

Scored a Hat trick in my first game.

D E. - 14. jan. 2021

Yes very comfy. They’re the top level trainers, Even better that they were discounted

If you like to put some spin on the ball, these will do the trick.

RanjanH264633460 - 29. aug. 2020

These shoes are great. The best part is the grip you get on the ball while striking it. I thought the GT bumps wouldn't be much more than marketing gimmick, but they actually work. You still get good feel for touch and ball control as the upper stays close to your foot. The cushioning from the react foam is noticable especially when compared to the Vapor 13 pro TF. The sole pattern does surprisingly well to let you turn and pivot while providing enough traction. I do have 2 complaints with these shoes. First, the upper is stiffer and feels cheaper compared to the other pro models. When flexing the foot it creates big folds that sometime poke into your foot. It's going to take a while to break-in, hopefully it does better after that. The second is that you can't get a pro model with a dynamic for collar. Come on Nike this is the top end shoe for the turf model and I don't have any option for DF collar? The amount of rubber pellets that get into the shoe while playing is annoying. That coupled with the fact that the insole is glued in is going to make getting an the pellets out difficult. Overall, those 2 cons aren't enough to outweigh the performance of these shoes. I love that it's easy to transfer spin to the ball while shooting with power and the cushioning is certainly going to help my knees.