The Best Gift Ideas from Nike

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Follow this guide to find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list. Nike has something for all seasons.

Last updated: 27 July 2022
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Best Gift Ideas from Nike

Finding the right gift is hard. And while we never want to think about our gifts being returned, Americans spend an estimated $15 billion on unwanted presents—and that's just during the festive season!

You can stop the buy-and-return cycle with these Nike gift ideas. They'll help make it a little easier to find something special that's just right for each person on your list—no returns necessary.

Narrow Your Search: New vs Bestsellers

When shopping for Nike gifts people tend to want to buy from one of two categories: new products that everyone will be talking about or already established items that hold clout thanks to their long history.

To make it easier to search within either of these categories, you can look through new releases or bestsellers to quickly access the Nike gear you most want to see.

Consider Who You're Buying For

Another way of searching Nike gift ideas is by using the defining characteristics of the person you're shopping for. Think about their age, gender, the role they play in your life and what types of athletic activities they're into.

All of these factors can help narrow down your list of Nike gifts to consider and save you time when shopping. Here's what we recommend based on age and/or relationship.

Gifts for Kids

When it comes to shoes and clothes for kids, nothing matters more than comfort. If it's not comfortable, they won't wear it. However, comfort, even for younger kids, doesn't have to lack style.

If sneakers are on your list, look for options with extra cushioning and made from flexible materials. A child's feet can grow up to half a size every 2 to 4 months, so they really need shoes that stretch a little with them. Kids are also more comfortable with some wiggle room for their toes. Nike shoes have all this, plus pops of colour, so kids can show off a bit of their personality while they run, jump and play in comfort.

Just like with shoes, kids' clothing must feel comfortable. They lean towards softer textures and clothing that helps them feel cosy. Fleece is a great go-to fabric, even for activewear. It's warm, easy to keep clean and makes layering easy. Opt for a sweatshirt or full-zip fleece hoodie with a roomy kangaroo pocket, and you have the makings of a favourite piece of clothing.

If there's a child in your life who's starting to explore their athletic side, consider shoes that can pull double duty, working on game day and every day. Rubber-soled shoes offer extra traction, and breathable mesh can help keep feet cool. And shoes with an adjustable strap help keep feet secure whether they're dribbling up the basketball court, running down the pitch or climbing around on the playground.

Gifts for Teens

Shopping for teens is always a bit complicated. Most teens prioritise form over function, so consider their distinct style when shopping. It might be best to stay monochromatic when looking at shoes and clothing, as basics can easily slip into any teen's wardrobe, regardless of how they accessorise.

For a classic style with plenty of history, there's always the Chuck Taylor. These shoes, whether high or low top, are timeless, with clean lines, simple colours and durability. They go with almost anything, and as the unofficial sneaker of well-known artists and musicians, your teen most likely has a Chuck-wearing idol.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are also generally on-trend for teens, and the softer the material, the better. Long-sleeve, super-soft fleece is usually a winner—whether inside a sweatshirt, zip-up hoodie or tracksuit bottoms.

You can also never go wrong getting back to basics, with a simple, monochromatic sneaker that looks cool with added comfort.

Gifts for Women

Surprise your special someone with comfy loungewear or relaxed-fit sweats made from soft fabrics. Easy-to-wear outfits make a great gift for anyone looking to relax during the festive season without sacrificing style.

Speaking of style, you could veer away from cosy clothing and go for something a little more sleek. Even in the colder months, the sun still comes out. Think about refreshing her pair of sunglasses with a pair that's durable and sleek.

Gifts for Men

If they prefer something more masculine, go for any clothing that's versatile. Yes, they want to look good, but they also want clothes that can pull double duty—like a windbreaker. It's a perfect jacket to wear during an outdoor workout but easy to grab and use while the weather is mild. Windbreakers are lightweight and comfortable, and Nike produces them using sustainable materials. There's also a functional pair of GORE-TEX boots. Yes, they'll do great when on a hike, but will also increase the man in your life's cool factor when paired with jeans.

No matter who you're shopping for, if they're feeling a little nostalgic this year, get them a sneaker inspired by a legend. Try the redesigned Nike Air Max, a throwback that's also timeless and edgy, or Air Jordans, a shoe with a long, storied history inspired by the legend himself, Michael Jordan. (Psst! Either pair makes for a great Christmas gift for the sneakerhead on your list.)

Gifts for Mum

Shopping for your parents means taking a more practical and pragmatic approach with Nike gifts that could easily become go-to pieces. Vintage-inspired choices work well too. Find them a shoe that will take them back to their teenage years and get big smiles when your gift is opened.

For mums, concentrate on pieces that are comfortable and casual. Try an oversized sweatshirt for relaxing and a pair of yoga trousers for working out or running last-minute errands. If you're shopping for a nice pair of sneakers, reach for a pair that goes with everything and is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Gifts for Dad

For dads, think beyond the tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts. Get him something that's equal parts functional and fashionable like a polo or a lightweight sweatshirt that also keeps him cool. Look for Dri-FIT or moisture-wicking fabric. When it comes to sneakers, look for styles that have some sportiness to them. They should be something he can wear any day, no matter what activities he has planned.

Gifts for Runners

Falling into every category above, sportswear and gifts for runners are perfect, no matter what their age or gender. If you're a runner, you need the right gear, so consider giving this type of athlete something practical, stylish and functional.

Go for running shoes that match the terrain of your runner. There's definitely a difference between the street and the treadmill. It's also thoughtful to get them a gift they can use post-run like a running jacket or foam roller.

Gifts That Work For Anyone

Nike gift ideas stretch across all ages, genders and athletic ability, making it possible to find something for just about anyone on your list. But if buying apparel and shoes as gifts makes you uncomfortable, and you have an athlete on your list, shift gears and look into accessories like:

When all else fails, there's nothing like a gift card. Send a digital or physical Nike gift card and let everyone on your list pick their own perfect gift.

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