Nike Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Rafa




Nike Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Rafa 男子硬地球场网球鞋采用革新设计,在关键部位巧妙融入耐穿柔韧材料,可驾驭高强度比赛。经典的拉斐尔·纳达尔专属细节,在你纵横球场时彰显挚爱球员风采。

  • 显示颜色: 白色/二元蓝/椒红
  • 款式: DD1579-113

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  • My favorite tennis shoes (and not only among Nikes)

    15134775811 - 2022年2月25日

    What initially attracted me to Zoom Cage shoes was the 6-month outsole guarantee. I used to wear out some other shoes in a month or so, and I'm not that rich :-) Zoom Cage gives me about 4 month of play. And I weigh around 190lbs and play pretty much every day. So I assume a lighter person who plays a two-three times a week will get a lot more out of them. No other shoes I tried (adidas Barricade being the latest attempt) last as long. Barricades lasted about a month less. They also mention 6-month guarantee on their site, but they backed out of it when I submitted a claim (simply said this guarantee doesn't exist, although their website says otherwise!). Had no problems with Nike. Got my fresh pair of shoes a couple of times when I managed to wear them out in six months. I wouldn't say these shoes compromise on comfort in any way. I still rank them among the most comfortable shoes I tried. I had a couple of pairs of Zoom Cage 3, now went through 4 or 5 pairs of Zoom Cage 4. And I plan to come back for more.

  • Zoom Cage 4/RAFA.

    Jay G. - 2022年1月28日

    Good shoe, not too narrow, so your foot and toes are not crammed in. A bit stiff at first so is does require some break-in before it feels comfortable.

  • M E. - 2022年1月05日

    It’s a perfect fit. Tying or tightening the shoe is a bit a struggle. Not sure if the lace should have been a little larger or modify the design to be more user friendly. Thanks.