Nike Zoom Fly 4


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刻苦训练,找到节奏。系带系统妥善包覆双足,塑就稳固迈步体验。Nike Zoom Fly 4 男子跑步鞋采用出众回弹设计和稳固性,助力提升柔韧灵活的迈步体验。柔软透气鞋面搭配弹性鞋口,塑就如袜子般的贴合感受,缔造安全稳固的穿着体验。前路漫漫,系紧鞋带,全力以赴超越自我。

  • 显示颜色: 黑/煤黑/赛车蓝/白色
  • 款式: CT2392-001





评价 (28)

4.6 星级

A great overall shoe!

H I. - 2022年1月18日

A great shoe for outside running. I’ve had multiple pairs of AlphaFly and they break down too fast. I’ve only used the shoe a couple time L’s so far, but I feel I’ll be able to get more distance with these. Pretty stiff on the bottom, which is what I want/need, but gives you the zoom you want to get your best time.

True to their Name

CPTVirgilTD561100191 - 2022年1月11日

I've owned all of the Zoom Flys, and this is by far the roomiest in the toe box. True to what you'd expect from the Zoom Fly, they're extremely comfortable. I run approximately 30 miles per week, and I use this shoe for the shorter distances. Unlike its predecessors, this shoe feels "clunky" after six miles or so. It's not heavier than the Zoom Fly 3, so the only thing I can attribute this to is the toe box area. Other than that, I highly recommend the shoe!

Sooo comfortable

WILLIAMA261231501 - 2021年12月24日

I walk 2 to 3 miles per day at my job in a giant hospital and these are perfect. I love the fit and I love the cushion I get walking on hard surfaces.