Nike Winflo 8




当跑步成为日常习惯,支撑力要与速度相得益彰。Nike Winflo 8 男子跑步鞋重现备受欢迎的缓震配置,搭配半透明鞋面和 Flywire 技术等设计细节,缔造稳固舒适的贴合感,是公路耐力跑的理想之选。

  • 显示颜色: 黑/暗烟灰/白色/金属金
  • 款式: CW3419-009





评价 (27)

4.5 星级

  • Comfortable, but too warm

    a90e8845-9cac-4c4b-9aa3-bd02ba743102 - 2022年5月18日

    I tried about a dozen different athletic shoes for comfort and cushion with my use being nothing more than walking. I really like the feel of this shoe however I had to order a Men's 11.5 instead of my regular 11 size because these shoes run small. And I've noticed that my feet are too warm in them which really bothers me. I am upgrading from Nike Zoom Winflo 3 which keep my feet cool.

  • Just Right

    JAC - 2022年4月14日

    The Nike Zoom Winflo 8 has a style made for runners, from very step or run the soul has a tendency to hug your foot providing support in all the right places. The material also gives you a breathable fabric, giving relief especially for those who like to wear thicker socks during activities. The foam souls are one of my favorite features of the Zoom Winflo 8, it contours the foot very well but at the same time provides comfort as needed. Apart from maybe making the shoe a litter smaller and less bulk, this a pretty good running or everyday activity shoe.

  • The Nike Zoom Winflo 8 is a GREAT SHOE here’s why

    Zoom Flo’s - 2022年4月13日

    Great shoe, with excellent durability! The Nike Zoom Winflo 8, is an all around fantastic shoe for all types of activities from sports, to work, or just a chill day with some friends ! The shoe itself is well-made making for a lightweight feel while running an performing other the tasks. The lightweight material also helps for a comfortable feel around your foot making for the almost perfect shoe for sports and running. One of my favorite features is the amazing grip on the bottom soles, I’ve used these shoes for weight lifting, indoor/outdoor running and basketball for over two months an the grip on the bottom of the soles has yet to wear down. For me this is a very important feature as many shoes I’ve worn in the past tend to see wear and tear after 4-6 weeks of wear especially after running an playing basketball multiple times a week. The con of this shoe in my opinion is the tongue of the shoe which is featured under the laces and lack of color ways available. The first con of this shoe is the lack of padding in the front of the shoe as this shoe is used for mostly running and sports a little extra padding in the front would be beneficial. second is the color ways although there are a wide variety of color ways, I would like to see much brighter colors being used for runners like myself an others. Other then this the SHOE IS FANTASTIC, I can wear these for almost all occasions, I’ve even worn them through a rain storm an they lasted the durability test this is a shoe I’ll continue to wear until they are unwearable.