Nike React Miler 2




当跑步成为日常习惯时,稳定性和舒适度便至关重要。Nike React Miler 2 男子跑步鞋,沿袭前代鞋款的直观设计,缔造柔软缓震性能。革新鞋面有助减少滞重感,无论短跑还是耐力跑皆可为你提供出众支撑和稳固感受。

  • 显示颜色: 黑/暗烟灰/微粒灰/金属金
  • 款式: CW7121-005





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4.7 星级

  • Premium Comfort & Support

    671c4101-c060-4e98-97c7-f6666302a545 - 2021年12月20日

    I waited over a month before formally reviewing my new pair of React Miler 2s. They fit well and were beautiful right out of the box, but I wanted to see how they fit and performed on the road and in walking around. The React foam really fits around your foot and provides pillow like support. In my regular trail walking, the Miler 2 was stable and easy from foot to toe. As I increased to jogging and running, the shoes demonstrated their performance side, with a strong spring coming from every placement and push off, making these shoes fun to put on and spring out on to the road. The shoe is well padded around your foot, at the heel and with the heel collar, and with its strengthened tongue. While not a competitive runner, I enjoy a comfortable walk or easy run daily in our forest roads here in central Virginia. I recommend these Miler 2s, as they have made my runs or walks a sheer joy. Thanks for a well engineered, sharp looking and crafted shoe, Nike!

  • I love the shoe, comfortable fit, cushion and light weight

    D B. - 2021年12月13日

    I would definitely recommend this comfortable, light weight shoe….

  • M H. - 2021年9月27日

    Prompt delivery, great shoe for treadmill or road. Not too bulky, and like the cushioning. .