Nike React Infinity Run FK 3




此鞋款久经测试,助你达成跑步目标。 Nike React Infinity Run FK 3 男子跑步鞋采用匠心设计,无论跑步距离长短,皆可带来柔软脚感和顺畅平稳的迈步体验。 透气鞋面兼顾出众包覆性和柔韧性。 后跟和脚踝添加缓震设计,塑就出色支撑脚感, 助你一路畅跑。

  • 显示颜色: 白色/金桔黄/光子灰/微粒灰
  • 款式: DH5392-100





评价 (2)

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  • Much Improved - Feels like a great combo of V1 and V2.

    5265805752 - 2022年5月17日

    I was a big fan of the Nike react Infinity Run Flyknit 1, however, last years Version 2 was a little underwhelming. Version 3 knocks it out of the park. It has the perfect amount of Flyknit (more than V2, less than V1) and I enjoy the real tongue. They feel very light and looking forward into putting these into action. Thanks for listening to feedback Nike!

  • Thank you for a SUPER comfortable ALL BLACK shoe

    5aa7dfcd-8b08-479a-a0e9-e8c6822b6349 - 2022年5月09日

    I'd like to thank the designers to releasing an all black model since I absolutely cannot wear any of the other colorways to the office I work at, but these can totally slip under the radar. A lot of non-runners that I have spoken to really also love the Infinity run for its superb comfort, so it's great that they are adding a color way for those who like running shoes for the comfort but don't like running shoes for their flashy colors. The only complaint is that the toe-box is a bit narrow compared to the roomy Zoom Fly 1, so it starts to get uncomfortable for longer walks / runs when your toes start to splay out.