Nike M2K Tekno


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Nike M2K Tekno 男子运动鞋从 Monarch 系列汲取灵感,采用天然皮革,搭配合成材质与织物,塑就富有层次感的外观。

  • 显示颜色: 山峰白/队橙/山脉蓝/黑
  • 款式: AV4789-100





评价 (6)

4.5 星级

Squeaky shoes

BrianK701728350 - 2020年2月13日

Love the design of the shoe. However, in a matter of a few weeks after buying the shoe, the soles of my shoes would make loud squeaks with each step I took. I got really self conscious about it and haven’t been able to wear it as much at indoor places. Then it got even worse. The squeaks can be heard on concrete. I was telling this to my friend and she also happened to have the same exact shoe model (and same colorway) with the same exact issue. Either it’s the colorway of the shoe that we got (we both had the black shoe with the white sole) or it’s the shoe in general.

It is elegant and very comfortable

SavasC263731876 - 2019年11月22日

I bought this one last week. It is too comfortable and so attractive. I loved it. I will buy a new one too.

Very comfortable shoes

J T. - 2019年10月30日

This is my 2nd pair of the M2K's. I love the look and comfort of the shoes. I will definitely purchase more pairs of these shoes.