Jordan Zion 1 (PS)



Jordan Zion 1 (PS) 幼童运动童鞋的设计灵感源自锡安的第一双经典鞋款,呈现出迅疾利落的运动鞋外观,可为小宝贝塑就舒适非凡的脚感。足底柔软灵活,质感轻盈,富有支撑力。配色和细节设计,与锡安征战赛场的装备相呼应。

  • 显示颜色: 黑/白色/亮深红
  • 款式: DC2024-006






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3.6 星级

Cute "big boy" shoes

LP - 2021年10月08日

When my son opened the shoe box, he and his two brothers all said, "whooooaa". They thought they were super cool looking shoes. They are a nice design. Wearing them, my son said they felt "bouncy" and made him feel like he could jump high. He also told me he was hesitant to wear them because they seemed like they were "big boy" shoes (He is five.) and he wasn't ready for them. But now he asks to wear them everywhere. The velcro string design is confusing for him. It's hard for him to pull on the correct part of the tab to properly secure it. It frequently comes undone while he's walking because he hasn't gotten it just right. That the tab secures on the inside of the ankle is also confusing because most every other shoe is secured on the outside of the ankle--so he thinks the shoes are on the wrong feet. If I could, I would change that. Overall, they seem like durable, comfortable shoes that will get a lot of use.

He loves them!

RNMommy - 2021年10月08日

My little man loves these shoes! Every day he goes outside and runs as fast as he can around the back yard. He thinks these shoes make him run faster and he is always asking if we can go for walks because he wants to show off his comfy kicks to all the neighbors. They fit true to size and he finds them to be incredibly comfortable. I appreciate that they don't need to be tied but aren't super obviously hook and loop closure.

They look and feel great on, but the velcro isn't sticking well for our very active kiddo

alliegirl428 - 2021年10月08日

These sneaks are cool for sure. My 6 year old son is reaching for them daily. He wears them to a full school day, gym indoors and outside, bike riding and playing. However, the design of velcro pulled across by elastic does not perform well, simply because the elastic is pulling against the velcro, popping the shoes open frequently. My son loves a tight fit and when he gets it, inevitably the shoes end up pulling open. It doesn't bother him much, but as a parent I'm looking for a sneaker that closes and stays closed for our active child.