Nike Dri-FIT Tailwind Fast


40% 折让

迅疾装备,为你打造疾速造型。Nike Dri-FIT Tailwind Fast 跑步运动帽采用利落酷爽设计,助你在畅跑中尽享出众包覆体验。该产品采用至少 50% 再生聚酯纤维制成。

  • 显示颜色: 透明粉/亮深红/白色
  • 款式: DC3633-639





评价 (2)

4.5 星级

Nice look to my other Nike apparel!

S A. - 2021年9月20日

I like the look and feel of my ri=running cap. Very pleased!

If your looking for a soft bill running cap this is it

Pencilxpen - 2021年6月02日

I like my running cap light with a soft bill. Not those with stiff bill. It just bothers me for some reason. Plus it adds weight to the hat if it has a hard/stiff bill. I did a chat and the agent helping me was really knowledgeable. I was surprised to be honest. lol. And he/she recommended me this cap and it's perfect. It's similar to my old one. I wanted to get a white one so it won't fade like my old one which is color black. Plus black color absorbs more sunlight is what I heard. Very light. 4 panel under the hat. The outer panels (left and right) has mesh. Outside of the cap there are 2 vents hence the mesh underneath it. Most important thing, it has soft bill and under it are big writings that say Nike Running (it's reflective - nice little touch). You can flip the bill bec. it's soft. The adjustable velcro is made of soft sturdy cloth. For me this running hat model is way better than the featherlight overall. It's well design. I'm glad I ordered it. Funny is bec. of the stiff bill of the "featherlight", the cap is more heavier than the tailwind (this hat). My original one was also a tailwind that I like so much. That one is the best. made of wool. Worth checking out. Happy Running!