Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield


设计你的 Nike By You 专属定制产品

穿上 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield 男子跑步鞋,坚持跑步,畅跑无阻。鞋舌背面添加里料、耐穿鞋面及拒水涂层等细节,令双足在潮湿天气也能保持舒适干爽。从轮胎汲取灵感,铸就出色抓附力,让你在湿滑路面也能从容前行。

  • 显示颜色: 黑/煤黑/铁灰/黑
  • 款式: DC4073-002





评价 (8)

4.8 星级

Great running shoes for winter (and warmer seasons)

runningguy - 2022年1月03日

I’ve had these splendid shoes for 6 weeks, put on 60 miles in the Pacific Northwest, the UK and on runs around Kauai. They’ve been through tropical downpours and thick sleet and snow. First and foremost, they are great running shoes, I love the combination of react plus the zoom air bag. Nice for the easy runs and good when you pick up the pace. The grip is excellent and the waterproofing impressive, and when moisture did get thru in deep slush, it wasn’t a problem as the shoes are nice and warm. No sign of wear so far. Awesome!

Great road running winter shoe!

STAN O. - 2021年12月26日

Really nice winter shoe! I’ve been searching for a winter running shoe that is waterproof/resistant for road use and there’s not many options except the Nike Shield options. Everything else has big knobby tread for trail running, but I’ve found those to be more slippery on wet asphalt. These Pegasus 38 Shields are great! Warm (maybe too warm for California), dry, and grippy. All the siping on the tread really sticks.

N I. - 2021年12月25日

Pegasus 37 looks more premium and better aesthetic. But overall lot of good changes, more room for toes