Nike Air Max 200 (TD)


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Nike Air Max 200 (TD) 婴童运动童鞋采用焕新升级的 Max Air 缓震配置,为孩子营造可亲眼见证和切身感受的舒适体验。波纹线条灵感来自流动岩浆和海浪波纹。弹性鞋带设计,易于穿脱。

  • 显示颜色: 脉冲宝石蓝/浅绿/余烬红/油灰
  • 款式: AT5629-400


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Makes our Son Run "SUPER FAST!"

K J. - 2020年8月24日

Our son was very excited to get these! He ran around the house showing everyone how fast he can run in his new shoes! :-) A major benefit is the added ankle support which I feel helps keep his heal from slipping in his shoe. Also the added Lift from the sole helps us measure up for rides at DISNEY!!

Good shoes but velcro doesn’t last

catherineP917945795 - 2020年4月08日

I purchased these for my daughter in January and she loved them. Great fit and shoes but by March the velcro no longer stayed. Unfortunately we can’t use them because the velcro comes off when she runs and her shoes fall off. We bought the previous models for our kids and never had a problem.