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Nike Air Force Max II

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Le jeu s'est resserré et les géants doivent devenir plus rapides, agiles et polyvalents s'ils veulent rester dans la partie. Répondant aux attentes en constante évolution des joueurs, la Nike Air Force Max II offre un amorti performant qui permet aux grands joueurs de continuer à meurtrir les planches et à taper dans le poteau, tout en restant légers et rapides sur leurs appuis.

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  • Article : AV6243-003

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Nike Air Force Max II

Beast14.... - 08 janv. 2020

Man i love these shoes. When i tried on these shoes i liked everything about them. The shoes are fit perfect and do not feel bulky or heavy. These shoes remind me of the 96 Barkley's, 97 Pippen's. and 97 Uptempo's, only lighter and with a modern design. These shoes took me back to my mid 20's when i used to hoop everyday. Thanks to Nike for releasing another classic shoe.

Decent shoes. Strap and shoelace loops can be improved.

thezoexperience - 04 janv. 2020

I've been a fan of the Air Force Max series since high school so naturally this refresh caught my attention when I was in the market for a new pair of shoes. Comfort so far is on point although I have yet to play ball with them. Very cushiony and sole is wider than most which is good for me. My only grievance so far is with the strap and the laces -- photo included. Rather than go with traditional, symmetrical loops/eyelets on both sides, there is an awkward gap in the middle where the strap goes. I'm guessing the strap is supposed to do whatever the shoelaces would do if it were there. In regards to the strap, I feel like it doesn't really add much to the overall fit. There's only so much you can "tighten" it and it adds little to no tension. Feels kind of pointless to be honest. It kind of just gets in the way which is alright since I'll only wear these shoes 1-2 times a week. All in all, pretty solid shoe with questionable shoelace/strap design. Certainly not a deal breaker. Maybe I am just nitpicking. I would suggest trying them at a local store if possible or reading my review at the very least. Hope Nike will reconsider this choice in future refreshes of the shoe.