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NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Hardcourt tennisschoen voor heren

€ 119,99

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Obsidian/Hyper Pink/Green Glow/Wit

De NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro combineert alles wat je mooi vindt aan de NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X met een nog lichter gevoel en extra ondersteuning. Het design met drie lagen zorgt voor ventilatie, stabiliteit en stevigheid waar je die het hardst nodig hebt en is nog steeds ontzettend licht.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Zwart/Wit
  • Stijl: CZ0220-024

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Beoordelingen (35)

4 Sterren

  • Good quality

    Ang - 01 dec. 2022

    good quality. Very good shoes to play tennis, they have very good grip and the sole is very durable. I know these shoes are for playing tennis but I also tried them to play indoor soccer and the grip they have left me surprised, one thing is that they are a little tight for the first few minutes I put them on but then they molded and felt comfortable if you looking for some snickers with a very good grip then look no more

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  • Fun alternative for daily wear or gym/training

    lvkings21 - 01 dec. 2022

    I had heard great things about the vapors as an alternative for low top basketball shoes and I am not disappointed. They have great court feel(Basketball) and while I wouldn't necessary recommend them for basketball, I certainly understand the appeal and why they are widely worn for tennis. This shoe is very responsive and provides enough comfort to wear for long periods of time as well as for training sessions in the gym. On top of that, they look pretty slick, and I enjoy the low cut of the shoe. This is a great addition to a gym/daily rotation, and I am excited to try them out here soon on a tennis or pickleball court to see how they hold up there.

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  • Attractive silhouette with OK feel

    kylarks - 01 dec. 2022

    This shoe fits fairly compared to other tennis shoes I have worn. You do not feel like it might fly off when stopping quickly or turning quickly and it allows you to move freely as needed. The design of this shoe is beautiful. The panel on the outward facing side of the outsole brings unique character and really makes it pop. I love that it is a low top shoe with a sleek design that looks like it might transform your feet into rockets on the court. The shoe just looks fast. After wearing the shoe on court and a few full days off court it is definitely designed for on court tennis play, but can be worn afterwards for extended periods of time if needed. I would not necessarily suggest it. I loved the way the shoe grips my heel and makes me feel stable when running back and forth. The stability and tightness on my foot made the shoe feel less than a clunky shoe but more like an extension of my foot. I did not like how the middle portion of the shoe looks or feels. While the heel and toe area seem to fit like a glove, the middle portion looks a bit weird and does not fit well. It seems like there might be too much loose padding causing this.

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