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NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Hardcourt tennisschoen voor heren

€ 119,99

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Obsidian/Hyper Pink/Green Glow/Wit

De NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro combineert alles wat je mooi vindt aan de NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X met een nog lichter gevoel en extra ondersteuning. Het design met drie lagen zorgt voor ventilatie, stabiliteit en stevigheid waar je die het hardst nodig hebt en is nog steeds ontzettend licht.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Obsidian/Hyper Pink/Green Glow/Wit
  • Stijl: CZ0220-402

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4 Sterren

  • You get what you pay for

    solid tennis shoes - 28 nov. 2022

    So, overall, I’m happy with this shoe. Aesthetically, it looks great. They remind me of some early 2010s basketball shoes. I am not actually a tennis player, I’ve been using these shoes for weightlifting and causal wear. They have excellent stability, very flat across the bottom. Comfort is okay, I mean, the shoe is $120, so you aren’t going to be getting premium cushioning. In a casual setting, I do not love how the laces feel, it’s very restrictive. However, when playing tennis, I could see how the lockdown would be beneficial. The upper materials feel like they’re of good quality. I LOVE the cotton candy looking pattern on the lateral side as well as the shiny outsole. If you want a good, mostly basic pair of nikes, these are a solid choice. Also, for lifting, their lack of cushioning and flat outsole make them great shoes for squatting :).

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  • High Quality sneaker that can be used for activities outside of just tennis!

    Dustin B - 28 nov. 2022

    The design of the Nike Zoom Vapor Pro HC is impeccable, it is very comfortable, durable, extremely light weight and fits snug to the foot. This shoe runs medium width so it may feel tight at first for those with bigger and wider feet. I have been enjoying the use of these sneakers in not only tennis but as a daily gym shoe and occasionally while I am golfing. I have had no pain, soreness, or issues wearing these for 8+ hours a day during daily activities. The design of the shoe is unique as it has a hard plastic shell that encompasses the outside of your foot around the toe box that prevents your foot from slipping over the sole of the shoe during quick start and stop movements and the grip of the sole on hard surfaces is tougher than any other pair of shoes that I own. The zoom air unit between the uppers and the sole provide stability and comfort while maintaining a light weight feel. I love how the sock liner and tongue are one piece which makes it feel as if I am donning a sock rather than a shoe so that I don't have to tie the laces too tight during use. If I could change one thing about this amazing pair or shoes, it would be to offer options for those who have slightly wider feet.

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  • Nike Zoom Vapor Pro HC

    Leonin - 28 nov. 2022

    This is my first time trying out a pair of Nike tennis shoes for the hard court. Its been a few years since I've played tennis on a hard court and normally just wore a pair of normal shoes but decided to go with these this time around. At first time putting on I felt that they were a little bit tight but after some moving around in them they felt much more comfortable then what I was expecting from the lace positioning and all. I was able to wear them to and from the court not having to lug around another pair of shoes since they were that comfortable. Playing in them was a big improvement to what I normally would wear playing. There is support in all the right places for quick stopping motions. Never felt like I was going to lose control coming to abrupt stops while pivoting into a back hand or fore hand shot. Turns out the lace positioning while looking awkward at first glance was a huge positive for the support desired in these situations. As for the looks, its not a bad looking shoe. the lace position takes a bit to get used to when looking at them but other then that not much to complain about. The colors offered are decent colorways. The quality control is what I've come to expect from Nike, no loose stitching, no glue stains. just quality materials all the way throughout the shoe. I certainly won't be playing much tennis without these now that I have tried them.

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