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Nike Dri-FIT ADV TechKnit Ultra

Haut de running à manches courtes pour Homme

64,99 €

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Léger comme l'air. Frais comme la brise. Le haut Nike Dri-FIT ADV TeckKnit Ultra intègre une technologie anti-transpiration respirante pour vous permettre de rester concentré sur la route. Son design avancé est conçu pour bouger, pour vous permettre d'avancer librement à chaque foulée. Ce produit est entièrement fabriqué à partir de fibres de polyester recyclé.

  • Couleur affichée : Rouge cinabre/Cramoisi brillant
  • Article : DM4753-623

Taille et coupe

  • Le modèle porte une taille M et mesure 185 cm
  • Coupe slim pour une tenue ajustée

Livraison et retours gratuits

Livraison standard gratuite avec l'Accès Membre Nike.

Méthode de fabrication

  • Le polyester recyclé utilisé dans les produits Nike provient de bouteilles en plastique recyclées, qui sont nettoyées, broyées en flocons, puis transformées en granulés. Ces granulés sont ensuite filés pour obtenir un nouveau fil de haute qualité qui servira à la fabrication de nos produits, afin d'offrir des performances optimales avec un impact moindre sur l'environnement.
  • En plus de réduire la production de déchets, le polyester recyclé réduit les émissions de carbone de jusqu'à 30 % par rapport au polyester vierge. Nike détourne en moyenne 1 milliard de bouteilles en plastique par an de la mise en décharge ou du rejet dans les cours d'eau.
  • Apprenez-en davantage au sujet de Move to Zero, notre démarche qui vise à atteindre le zéro déchet et une empreinte carbone nulle, en réinventant notamment nos produits selon une approche durable pour protéger le futur de la planète sur laquelle nous vivons et faisons du sport.

Avis (22)

4.2 Étoiles

  • Breathable for a variety of sports

    Lovie - 02 août 2022

    This shirt is great for temp control. I kept me cool under a variety of activities like playing basketball, gardening, running outside etc.the shirt keeps you cool and comfortable my only complaint is that it starts to stick on your skin the more you sweat and it gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. But it dries quick so it wasn’t too big of an issue it won’t deter me from wearing it again . I can’t forget to mention that it washes pretty well and it doesn’t hold on to BO so that’s definitely a plus !

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  • The ideal workout shirt!

    Steezy - 02 août 2022

    The Nike Dri-Fit Adv Techknit Ultra Running Top is both functional in its purpose and stylish enough for everyday wear. The shirt material and design is of higher quality than I’m used to seeing from Nike activewear. Amazingly, there is no breathability lost and the material definitely surpasses the quality of any other running shirts I own, making this one an easy pick when heading to the gym or for a walk with my dog. Beyond breathability, the moisture-wicking Advanced Dri-Fit technology ensures a comfortable fit all day without the sweat stains or odors, even here in California with 100+ degrees summer days! This shirt is also excellent for evening exercise as there are multiple reflectors located in prominent areas across the chest and back that bounce light extremely well for high visibility and safety at night. Something I really love about this shirt is its perfect fit. As someone who just recently got back into exercising, I’ve found that having proper and well-fitting clothing for working out improves my motivation tenfold. The design of this shirt hugs the body without being restricting or unflattering, allowing for easier movement and a more confident workout! The only issue I found with this shirt is that the seam material is a little itchy fresh out of the package which can cause some skin irritation when sweating. However, a couple washes later and the inner material is much softer with no itchy feeling. All in all, this shirt is an excellent activewear choice and a notable improvement to Nike’s Dri-Fit technology.

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  • Dri-Fit Adv Techknit Running

    Ryatt Review - 02 août 2022

    The feel of this top is perfect for exercise and wicks sweat away fairly but, not so much that it cools you down right away; which is great when trying to burn calories. I can definitely understand how this is a running top for that reason. However, my style is more strength training rather than cardio or running, so I may have seen some cons than and pros. I like the light and dark grey colors chosen for the design of this shirt and I particularly like the reflective details; it makes great for night exercises or bike rides. The fabric used was very light, and surprisingly very airy considering how much fabric there is (ie: arm sleeves come down to inner elbow when resting). The thing I liked most about this top is once I finished my exercise and cooled down, I didn’t have a soaked tshirt for the next hour; like I normally would with any other shirt. However, the fit of this shirt is quite loose around the neckline. I personally would’ve preferred a closer neckline & shorter sleeves as well. I think those are the only changes that I would make, as this gave me the feeling that I was somewhat “cloaked” while exercising. This would be a greater option for runners, not so much for strength trainers.

    Produit reçu gratuitement, ou évalué dans le cadre d'un tirage au sort/concours.