Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

Chaussures d'entraînement HIIT pour Homme

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Donnez le meilleur de vous-même à chaque répétition grâce à un modèle repensé pour apporter maintien et stabilité à chacun de vos mouvements. Plus légère que les versions précédentes, la chaussure vous permet de battre votre record de vitesse lors de séances de circuit training et de HIIT. Grâce à son amorti Zoom Air et à une grande souplesse sous le pied, tenez-vous prêt pour chaque fente, pas et saut.

  • Couleur affichée : Vert Pro/Bleu sarcelle délavé/Noir/Multicolore
  • Article : DC9115-393

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  • Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

    arm - 09 juin 2022

    I really like this new training shoe by Nike. However, I would recommend for wide footers to either go TTS or think about going up half a size. What stood out to me most was the super bouncy zoom air in the forefoot of the shoe. At first try on, you could tell how bouncy the forefoot was, especially when you shift your weight to the balls of your foot. Another feature that I liked was the torsional support, specifically how the outsole/mid arch was shaped. You could tell that stability was a key feature when Nike was designing this shoe. Finally, the color options were great. There was an all white, all black version, as well as a volt color and other clean color options. I picked out the grey colorway with the salmon pink outsole. Overall, I really am pleased with this shoe and would 100% recommend this shoe to those into fitness (or those just starting out with fitness!)

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  • Super Rep 3 offers great bounce for your workouts!

    Brandon - 07 juin 2022

    Overall I really enjoyed using this shoe for workouts, HIIT, and some cardio exercises! For reference I am 6'0 and my weight is around 215, I have a very athletic build. The shoe felt very springy and assisted with box jumping movements and bounce. The fit of the shoe was perfect for my foot and was overall comfortable. The design of the shoe was different than what I was used to but not bad. I was worried about the mid 'bridge' section of the shoe and feel like it can be a hassle to clean properly. I would not wear the Super Rep 3 all day long, but definitely for my workouts, specifically HIIT. I love the bounciness of the shoe, but was not a big fan of the 'bridge' or the overall stability of the shoe.

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  • Stylish shoes with suboptimal fit

    MtlBolt - 07 juin 2022

    These shoes arrived in the mail and my first thought was that they look super cool. The color style is simple in all gray with a splash of color in the sole with the air zoom module. Nike has been my go to brand for active wear shoes for more than 15 years and I was excited to put them on. I run between 15-30 miles a week and walk at least 15k steps per day, so even on inactive days I put a lot of miles on shoes. Unfortunately, when I first slipped my feet into these bad boys, it wasn't love at first wear. Lacing up the shoes normally left my feel slipping out of the shoe slightly and the sole had support areas that I was definitely not used to feeling. I am a 10.5 in Nike shoes usually, and I feel like these might be half a size too big. After putting on a thicker sock and lacing the shoes again, I got a much snugger, comfortable fit. The shoes are definitely comfortable enough for an all day shoe, but for me personally they wouldn't be my go to shoe. There is something about the area of the shoe where the air zoom pocket is, that just doesn't sit well with my feet. I really like the laces on these shoes, as not one did they come undone or have to retie but they were super easy to unlace at the end. This is not the case with many of my Nike runners. The one area of the shoe that I really didn't enjoy was around the ankle and heal. There is padding around most of the area but at the top edges where your foot goes it, there is a lot of rigid support and it was rough on my ankles when my legs pivoted and I often felt it dig into the back of my leg. The simple solution was not using ankle socks and switching to quarter or higher but that's less than ideal. Overall, I still liked the shoe a lot and will probably use it as an everyday walking shoe, as well as my shoe for HIIT workouts but it likely wouldn't get another pair. I haven't tested it yet in a strength workout but I imagine it would give good support when planting.

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