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Chaussure de basketball

149,99 €

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Royal ancien/Crème de pêche/Violet vif/Bleu glacier
Noir/Cramoisi clair/Rouge université

Pour Kevin Durant, les passes venues d'ailleurs et les tirs invraisemblables font partie du quotidien. Donnez-lui le ballon et tout semble facile. La KD15 est épurée pour ne garder que l'essentiel : un maximum de rebond, un maintien sûr et une sensation de confort immédiat. Elle comporte moins de matières sous le pied et sur l'empeigne, ce qui permet de réduire les distractions tout en optimisant le retour d'énergie et le confort : la formule idéale pour les joueurs toujours en mouvement comme KD.

  • Couleur affichée : Noir/Cramoisi clair/Rouge université
  • Article : DC1975-003

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4.8 Étoiles

  • Snap, Crackle, Pop

    kitemedia - 20 août 2022

    I've ordered two pairs of KD15s so far. I love the colorways and chose to go with these specifically because they look like they'll be about the closest thing to a Kobe that you can get your hands on. I haven't played ball in them yet, but I will say, both pairs make a strange popping sound with each step. It sounds like the glue that's holding the insole in place is cracking or something. It may not impact performance at all, and nothing feels like it's loose or coming undone, but the sound alone is very annoying. The shoe is comfortable, though. It will definitely need some break in time as it's pretty stiff out of the box. Feels tough to get a good lockdown like I could with the PG5 or any of the Kobe low tops. Again, I'm guessing that will get better with break-in. The traction feels like it will be amazing on the court as well. I'm excited to see some of the additional colorways drop and hope that these will be a good, reliable hoop shoe.

  • Best shoe so far

    ArthurV270309681 - 02 août 2022

    This shoe looks like it will be amazing and it sure delivers. Top tier shoe!

  • zackw - 10 juil. 2022

    I think the traction is top notch indoors. The shoe is narrow, but I I still went with my size and I'm it broke down to fit my feet. I would defentily recommend this to everyone. S TEIR.