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Chaussure de basket

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De rookie inexpérimenté à star du basket, Giannis est toujours resté fidèle à lui-même. Ce design rend hommage au riche héritage de la franchise des Freaks, tandis que le logo Swoosh doré évoque le titre de champion que Giannis a permis de remporter devant une foule de supporters éprise du MVP. Une vitesse stupéfiante pour partir en trombe, un amorti réactif qui résiste aux rigueurs du match, la Freak 5 peut t'aider à canaliser le Greek Freak qui sommeille en toi.

  • Couleur affichée : Rouge gym/Sapin/Violet court/Or métallique
  • Article : DZ2944-600

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4.2 Étoiles

  • WoW 😍

    MarianB969142385 - 04 nov. 2023

    The best shoes ever what i buy

  • Very stylish hopefully for real leather soon

    J172865768 - 27 oct. 2023

    Beautiful shoes, my hope is in the future they will start using premium materials to make them. The synthetic materials are a turn off. Great shape, look, style please finish it off with real leather and suede

  • Awesome sneaks!

    Gene - 24 oct. 2023

    I had the privilege of receiving a pair of Nike Zoom Freaks 5, "Keep it A Buck," for an honest review as a member of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. From the moment I laid eyes on these sneakers, I was captivated by their uniqueness. The packaging, unlike the usual Nike orange box, stood out with an elegant tan color and a distinctive tan design, which, to me, resembled intricate flowers. In the center of the box, Giannis Antetokounmpo's signature logo was boldly presented in two shades of purple, while a Nike Swoosh adorned the box's lower side in the same exquisite purples. Additionally, Antetokounmpo's handwritten signature on the back of the box added a thoughtful touch, particularly for devoted Buck fans. As I eagerly unboxed the sneakers, my initial enthusiasm only intensified. Despite my loyalty to the New York Knicks, the Freak 5s in the classic Milwaukee Bucks colors from the mid-2000s, complemented by gold accents, instantly won me over. The combination of forest green, red, purple, and gold, paired with pristine white shoelaces, created a striking visual appeal. I particularly admired the prominent gold Swoosh on the outer side of the shoe and the well-placed red Swoosh on the inner side. One standout feature for me was the tongue, which proudly displayed Antetokounmpo's signature logo, an elegant white 'A.' Given my own name begins with an 'A,' I found this detail especially cool. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that Nike had poured meticulous attention into every aspect of the design, creating a sneaker that truly encapsulates Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. The design is just one facet of these remarkable sneakers. They are an ideal fit, true to size, and impressively lightweight and comfortable. I wore them for various activities, from gym workouts to casual games of basketball with friends and running errands all day long. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for any occasion, be it sports or a night out. I'm pleased to report that after multiple wears, I observed no signs of wear and tear or creasing. However, in the spirit of an honest review, I should mention a couple of minor drawbacks. Firstly, I found the design on the bottom of the sneaker somewhat perplexing, as the colors and patterns didn't seem to harmonize. The second issue was with the loose red fabric, which caused slight bulging. If the fabric were snugger, this would be the sole concern. Despite these minor concerns, these sneakers garnered significant attention and compliments. Many friends inquired about them and expressed interest in owning a pair. My initial affection for these sneakers has only deepened with time. Priced at around $140.00 USD, I wholeheartedly recommend the Nike Zoom Freaks, "Keep it A Buck." They have become my personal favorite and top choice, earning a solid 5-star rating. If I could, I'd give them more stars – these sneakers are undoubtedly a must-have in your collection.

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