Meet Gui

"I've been crazy about football since I was a kid", says Gui, who frequents the cement courts and makeshift street pitches of São Paulo, Brazil. "I spent most of my time with the ball. I'd sleep with it. In the house I would dribble past the furniture, my dad got really angry", he laughs.

"I'd take the ball with me everywhere I went. People called me crazy because I'd get home filthy".

Gui S.
São Paulo, Brazil

Gui takes his football seriously, training with an academy team and competing in city leagues, but he also seeks out kickabout games for the unlimited creativity and connection they offer. "We go to a dead-end street, we improvise and start playing", he says. "When we're done, we never go home. We always sit down and talk. We talk about our lives".

"Football is not only about the sport, it brings friends together, it brings joy".

For Gui, street football is both an outlet and a teacher. "It's almost like therapy for me", he says, and lists everything the free-flowing, open games have taught him—ideals like respect, character, forgiveness. "Issues I have, it's street football that draws me out of them, that allows me to let go for a bit", he says.

Street football also sharpens skills that a coach can't teach, like the agility and precision that were the inspiration for the Phantom Vision 2 IC. As Gui puts it, "those things we learn on the streets we take to the futsal court or the grass pitch, and then we do it there. We do it because we like it, because it's beautiful".