Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy MG

Fußballschuh für verschiedene Böden

89,99 €

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Schwarz/Metallic Silver/Medium Ash/Metallic Gold
Football Grey/Light Marine/Volt/Dark Marina Blue
Chlorine Blue/Marina/Laser Orange
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Mit dem Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy sind hohe Geschwindigkeiten garantiert. Die Blockfarben an den Seiten und im Zehenbereich betonen die entscheidenden Bereiche und sorgen für präzises Dribbeln, Laufen und Werfen. Dank der griffigen Struktur im Obermaterial kannst du das Spiel voll und ganz kontrollieren.

  • Gezeigte Farbe: Chlorine Blue/Marina/Laser Orange
  • Style: DJ2873-484

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Bewertungen (9)

4.4 Sterne

  • Great lightweight shoe for the money

    Mark - 16. Mai 2022

    It can be very overwhelming when trying to choose the right soccer cleats. Prices range from 50 to 300 dollars, there are upwards of 4 different types of surface designs, and then there are shoes designed for a plethora of playstyles and foot anatomy. As someone who used to play competitively, but now just has time for weekend picks up games, I tried to be honest with myself with what I really needed. I needed a durable, lightweight boot that would blend touch and style at a price that wouldn't make me constantly question my financial decision making. So how did I choose? I first started my decision with thinking about how I play. As a striker I like to play at full speed. I also prefer my cleats to feel snug, almost feel like slippers. This meant I was optimizing for lightness and a more narrow design. The Mercurial seemed like the best choice over the Phantom in this regard, as the Phantom is known for being a little heavier and wider than the Mercurial line. Next, I had to decide what price point. I basically figured that the Elite and Club level (the highest and the lowest tiers) were either too expensive or too feature-compromised for me to be happy with. This left me with a choice between the Pro and the Academy Line. Ultimately, I decided the Academy line was the right choice given the fact that I won’t be using them in serious competitive play and the money saved would best be spent elsewhere. The easiest choice was the cleat type. I wanted versatility, and as I live in California, there is a blend of both firm grass or artificial turf; Multi Ground (MG) was the easy answer. Ok so now I got my shoes, how do they fit? First thing I did was weigh them. 1 US10.5 Shoe weighed 239.7 grams. That’s pretty light! I then put them on and checked the fit. Like I expected, they felt similar to wearing slippers, but with more ankle support. I have pretty narrow feet so these fit pretty well, but I would imagine if you have wider feet, consider the Phantoms. I did initially have a little bit of pressure on the top of my foot from the laces, but I re-tied them, basically not cinching them down any more than just enough to keep the laces from having slack across the top of my foot and it ended up feeling great. Ok now, how did they play? I was coming from leather cleats which might be why I was so shocked by the lightness of the Mercurials due to their synthetic upper. Other than just lightnes, an additional advantage to this material choice is it means that there is a much more direct feel of the ball, due to the fact that it is closer to your foot. Passes off the insteps felt crisp and shots felt controlled. Now, I’m not gonna say they made me a better player, but the boots definitely didn’t make me worse :). The bottom line is I would certainly recommend these to someone who plays fast, wants something that looks good, inspires confidence, and doesn’t break the bank in doing so.

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  • Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleats

    Delon - 14. Mai 2022

    A weekend to remember! Today I received my Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleats! Color ( Chlorine Blue / Laser Orange). The word Laser gives me the idea that precision and quality are involved in this project. This soccer shoe was designed for peek performance. After a few workout drills. I was in the zone. The Mercurial Superfly 8 I honestly must say was comfortable, lightweight, Stylish, durable & affordable. Comments : Comfortable to wear throughout practice and game sessions. Lightweight engineered for speed and control. Stylish modern designs concept and durable leather and fabrics create a unique look. No changes on this one for me. It's perfect!

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  • Great shoe and comfortable

    Kingpach - 14. Mai 2022

    This shoe is comfortable to wear and feels good to play in. Used these with a couple buddies of mine when we played football and they felt great. The color way of these and design is dope also. I would recommend these

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