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Nike Dri-FIT Flex Rep Pro Collection

Herren-Trainingsshorts ohne Futter (ca. 20 cm)

74,99 €

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Schwarz/Iron Grey
Iron Grey/Schwarz
Mineral Teal/Schwarz

Die Flex Rep Shorts sorgen mit leichtem, flexiblem Material für trockenen Tragekomfort und natürliche Bewegungsfreiheit beim Beugen, Strecken und Sprinten. Elastische Verstärkungen in stark beanspruchten Bereichen halten den Anforderungen von hochintensiven Workouts oder Wettkämpfen stand.

  • Gezeigte Farbe: Mineral Teal/Schwarz
  • Style: DD1700-379

Größe und Passform

  • Model trägt Größe M bei einer Körpergröße von 191 cm
  • Standardpassform für ein lockeres, bequemes Tragegefühl
  • Beininnenlänge ca. 21,5 cm (Größe M)

Kostenlose Lieferung/Rücksendung

Kostenlose Standardlieferung mit deiner Nike Membership.

Bewertungen (30)

4.6 Sterne

  • Best gym shorts

    Krishan - 17. Feb. 2023

    These are easily the best gym shorts I’ve had. The material feels premium, they have a good stretch to them, and they fit really well (there’s also a lot of sizing options). The pockets are pretty standard, no zips. They feel secure, and the material is durable, so I’m not scared of the material ripping when using a dipping belt. I feel comfortable doing short runs, weightlifting, and circuit training in them. Only con would be the price, but this is a premium product, and you get what you pay for.

  • One of My Favorites, Great Pockets

    WilliamT31020529 - 12. Okt. 2022

    Fantastic Shorts, One of the few that I have multiple pairs of because I do not want to wait until laundry day to keep wearing them. They seem to be made with great durability, pretty solid moisture wicking (not the primary feature), good airflow/ventilation, great comfort and fit, and my favorite feature are the pockets. The pockets are not zippered but they are designed in a novel way which make it relatively easy to access whatever you put in them, while at the same time keeping AirPods, keys, coins, cards, and other small items from slipping out. The pockets are essentially a normal pocket with a second piece of fabric that runs vertically up the short mirroring the slit for the pocket, but it wraps from the back of the short to the front of the short: it is almost like a pocket facing the opposite direction. The way it functions is that you have to reach your hand backwards towards your rear and then forwards into the pocket-something that seemed annoying to me at first-but once I got the hang of it I fell in love with how easy it is to use but how secure it keeps my things... Sorry for the length of the review, I just really like a good pocket!

  • Great pockets, they are designed to keep you stuff safe in them

    ottobond - 27. Juli 2022

    I am a diabetic who uses a insulin pump. Most shorts' pocket are just designed for you hand to go into and out easily. During some activities, my insulin pump will magically come out of my pocket. The pockets that these shorts have are designed to keep stuff in them. That is the biggest plus for me. I wear these short for sleeping. My insulin pump is attached to my body the whole night. Before these shorts, I would wake up and and my pump would be out of my pocket and the attachment tube would be wrapped around my body. NO more. The pockets on these shorts keep the pump in them all night. They are great. Thank you.