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Three decades ago, the Nike Air Max BW came out. The release had a decisive impact on the aesthetics of subcultures across Europe, becoming a symbol and icon for underground movements transcending styles and canons. Street culture, fashion, and music were all part of a single philosophy: a desire to overthrow the unwritten rules through self-expression, moving past people's judgments.

Alessandra Vuillermin, in art Hardmetacore, a young CGI/digital artist from Milan, symbolises the contemporary exemplification of rule subversion. After studying graphic design and art direction at Naba, she moved first to London and then to Prague, studying Future Design.

Her work converges the "gabber" aesthetics and philosophy, indiscipline towards the rules governing a community's functioning and ordering, distorting the certainties. Hers is a new artistic code that bridges past and present, projecting us into the future. Nike launches its latest colourway, "Coded Nature", joining together the BW's underground origins and the future of sneakers culture in a visceral, brilliant and a bit crazy journey through creativity.

Stick to your roots with the big window original. From its rubberised Swoosh, to its splashy collar and tongue, to its perforated detailing, the Nike Air Max BW comes back in a nearly 1:1 remake. Staying true to the Tinker Hatfield design that became synonymous with the electronic dance scene, it keeps the OG details you love: Max cushioning, plush foam midsole and airy mesh accents. The painted line on the midsole and matching colour accents energise your outfit. SKU: DM9094-100

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