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Nike Sports Bras

Let’s Talk Sport Bras

Lots of girls avoid sports because of how they feel, physically or emotionally, about their breasts. But this is an easy thing to fix. Learn how the right sports bra will make a huge difference in comfort and confidence then find what is best for your unique self.

Bodies Change. Sport is Forever.

Nike Sports Bras for Girls

Feeling embarrassed about bras and breasts is a big reason why girls drop out of sport or don’t ever give it a chance. But if everyone feels like that then what’s the big deal? You’re not alone don’t let this stop you from having fun. Play strong, we’ve got it covered.

Bye-Bye Bounce

Nike Sports Bras for Girls

Breasts move, no matter big or small, all the time. In fact, they move so much that female bodies use extra energy keeping them under control. A good sports bra stops this movement, giving support and comfort to let girls focus on play.

Essential For Sport and Play

Nike Sports Bras for Girls

Sports bras aren’t like regular bras. They’re specially design to minimise breast movement and provide support during sports. When it comes to breasts, a good sports bra is a necessity not an accessory—though they can look pretty good too.

Style and Support

Nike Sports Bras for Girls

Sports bras can be layered up or dressed down, worn for play or as an everyday thing. With so many designs to choose from, you might find that the right sports bra is a wardrobe essential.

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