Skateboard-Cargohose mit Camo-Design für Herren

Nike SB Flex FTM

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Mit der Nike SB Flex FTM Cargohose aus elastischem, strapazierfähigem Material kannst du es so richtig krachen lassen. Dank der verstellbaren Bündchen und der zahlreichen Taschen bist du für deinen Tag auf dem Skateboard bestens ausgestattet.

  • Gezeigte Farbe: Medium Olive
  • Style: AT3492-222

Größe und Passform

  • Model trägt Größe 32 bei einer Körpergröße von 183 cm
  • US 32/UK 32/EU 50/FR 52/IT 52
  • Großzügiger Schnitt für eine lockere Passform
  • Beininnenlänge: ca. 86 cm (Größe M)

Bewertungen (12)

4.2 Sterne

A skaters review

steveUSMC0341 - 29. März 2021

A few reviews are talking about the pockets being too small and the overall fit. I wanted to make a review to address that and other things for people that are looking to skate in these as it is literally in the name Nike SB. I'm 5'9 170lbs. I got a 34 when a 32 would fit fine here. I just like a roomier pant in general. I feel like they run a little big but in my opinion for what I use them for they work perfect. As far as the pockets are concerned I have a giant samsung phone and forgot I had it in my pocket.... I didn't have an issue with the wallet in the back pocket. Maybe people are carrying around a wad of tissues in their wallets and all their crushed hopes and dreams? The velcro is unique for sure and has lasted without there being a problem. Additional pockets inside the cargo pockets which is an added bonus. If you're a skater and looking for a good reason to spend this much on cargo pants it comes down to this; they're comfortable, roomy, have ripstop (durable), bottom strings to make the opening smaller (also helps control how long you want them to be), and additional pockets for extra laces or your car keys so you can forget you even have them on person. I own the camo, green and black versions of these pants and they're absolutely awesome. I wear these around the house as if they're pajama pants. You never know when you need to bust out a nollie heelflip. I've skidded on my knee in these when I hit a pebble going the speed of sound and they didn't rip at all. In all I think these pants live up to the SB name.

Wish these came in size Long.

CQuill - 12. Feb. 2021

The pockets are too small, not deep enough. I'm 6'1" and ~190lb. The 36 is way too big, but the length is great. The 34 fits, but the length is way too short. Sure wish they made a 34L. I guess these are made for shorter people. The material is great!

Front main pockets are way too small, also the back pocket flap does not close with a wallet with regular day to day cash amount in it.

T I. - 14. Jan. 2021

Front main pockets are way too small, also the back pocket flap does not close properly when you got a wallet full of cash. Will not buy another pair until this issues are fixed, I always thought Nike Sb had the pants dialed perfect. Boy, was I wrong!!!