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Chicago Collaborators' Collection

Jordan Apparel

Inspired by the colours of Chicago's eight iconic train routes, the city's top influencers offer signature collections that are right on track.


The Chicago streetwear shop turned global brand has never let a few lost Zzzs keep them from staying next-gen fresh. The iconic label's Jordan Chicago Collaborator's Collection tee and hoodie, designed by SuccezZ co-owners LaVelle Sykes and Bobby Simmons, rep their hometown with OG authority.

Cody Hudson

Founder of the design studio, Struggle Inc. and Creative Director of Land and Sea Dept., Cody Hudson is known for his effortless work with motion-inspired graphics. The artist's tee and hoodie designs re-imagine the six-point star from the Chicago flag.

Drew The Barber

Drew Henderson brings confidence to everyone (including the NBA stars) who sit in his chair at Chicago's No Cuts, No Glory. His signature tee and hoodie designs reflect the old 1988 transit tokens as an ode to the last time Chicago hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend.


Co-founded by Chance the Rapper, Essence Smith and Justin Cunningham, SocialWorks aims to empower young people in Chicago using the arts, education and civic engagement. To illustrate the spirit of Unite, the students of the organisation designed the tee and hoodie to include the SocialWorks iconic compass logo that represents people of all races coming together.

Sheila Rashid

Chicago's Queen of Denim made her mark through customised, unisex designs for celebs like Bella Hadid. She now brings her skills to a sneaker and apparel collection that's tailored to the Second City. Photos on the apparel were taken personally by Rashid to speak to the city's youth and support of small business.


Four students from Chicago's WINGS Design Programme lend their diverse skills to a collection that reps their hometown's famed grit and architecture. In pure Chi-Town style, the apparel elevates the Green Line, while paying homage to the iconic MJ Wings image, and the footwear unites all 8 colours of Chicago's train lines.