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No matter your running style, the perfect shoe makes any distance enjoyable and now you can find it with just a few clicks. Discover your match with the running shoe finder and lace-up.

Running Shoe Finder

Made for Any Run

Trails. Races. Long Distance. Or even just your everyday jog. With years of expertise poured into each design, our Zoom,Air and React technologies have every runner covered, so you can confidently hit the start line in the right running shoes, wherever it may be.

Running Shoe Finder

Nike Run Club

So, you’ve found your perfect running shoe. What next? Get immersed in the running universe with the Nike Run Club app. Whether you’re experienced, or completely new to it —NRC’s Guided Runs, training programmes, achievements and more will not only keep you motivated but also help you keep track of your progress, wherever you are in your journey.

Running Shoe Finder

Made For Racing

When you need speed on the road, you need Zoom technology. It's a key feature in our fastest shoes–giving you earth-shattering propulsion.

Looking for speed on the track? Then our track and field shoes have got you covered. It's time to meet the family–if you can keep up.

Running Shoe Finder

Made For Shorter Runs

Whether you're taking it easy, or you want that barefoot feeling, we've got plenty of shoes designed for short and sweet runs.

Max out your session with the Joyride and Free.

Running Shoe Finder

Nike Run Club App

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For every run.

3 Steps For A Secure Fit

Running Shoe Finder


Your heel should fit snugly in the back of the shoe. Not so tight that it feels constricting. Not so loose that your heel rubs when you move.

Running Shoe Finder


When you take a forward stride, your foot should stay securely in place. The outsole and upper should flex with your foot, without any pinching or sliding.

Running Shoe Finder


Lace up with just enough tension to maximise support throughout, but never so tight that there's pressure on the top of your foot.