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YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS? WE'VE GOT ANSWERS. Shopping for kids’ shoes is easy with a little help from the experts.

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Which shoes are best for school?

At Nike, we strive to make shoes for Young Athletes that are durable and flexible to suit the needs of a growing (and active) child. While all Nike Young Athlete shoes are suited for everyday play, some are more specific to the needs of a certain sport. Sport specific shoes are made with the sport needs in mind, so they can tend to help the athlete perform at their best in that sport (ie running shoes for running, basketball shoes for basketball).

How often should I buy new shoes?

Nikes are built to last—but your kids are built to keep on growing. It's best to check a shoe's fit about once every six months.

Can Nike footwear be worn without socks?

For sandals and slides? Of course! For any of our lace-ups, however, we suggest your child wear socks appropriate to their sport or activity.

Why is my child’s shoe slipping at the heel?

This could have a number of causes. First, you'll want to check that the shoe is the appropriate size for your child. Second, check that the laces are sufficiently secure and the tongue is straight. Finally, make sure that your child’s sock is positioned correctly.

Why do my child’s shoes sometimes squeak?

Kids walk on lots of different surfaces throughout the day. Squeaking is usually due to friction between the shoes' outsoles and smooth surfaces like gym floors and waxed hallways.

How can I tell if my child’s shoes are too big?

The biggest indicator is space between your child’s heel and the back of the shoe, which you can check with your thumb. To check the fit at the front of the shoe, have your child wiggle their toes while shoe is laced. Finally, if your child can move their toes from side to side, the shoe is likely too wide.

Does Nike make shoes without laces?

We offer no-lace shoes for every age group, and in many varieties: from slip-ons to Velcro ® styles to our innovative FlyEase system.

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How long should cleats last?

Depending on age, kids will typically grow out of their football boots before they need to be replaced. From a durability standpoint, football boots will typically last for 1-2 seasons for 12 months.

Can my child wear cleats from other sports like football or baseball for football games?

Maybe, although they are not ideal for playing football. Some types of football boots or cleats could be used if they don’t have a 'toe cleat.' We recommend sport-specific footwear because of the amount of running and cutting involved in football.

What is the dynmaic fit collar?

The dynamic fit collar, or 'sock,' is designed for players' support and protection. It gives a sensation of the foot being better connected to the upper leg, and provides a more locked-down fit.

How do you put on a cleat with a collar?

First, unlace the first 3-4 eyelets of the cleat. This allows the foot to get completely into the body of the cleat easier.

Next, open the dynamic fit collar opening with the thumbs on each side of the top and slip the toes into the cleat

After toes are in, move the thumbs around to the back of the collar and grab its exterior and sink the heel into the cleat.

Lastly, tighten the laces, and tie the cleat.

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Why does flexibility matter?

Adequate flexibility allows feet to move naturally and comfortably. Flexible shoes mirror the motion of barefoot feet. Nike running shoes are built with flexibility in mind to promote healthy development of strong feet.

Which shoes are best for running?

The Pegasus, Free RN and Flex Run are great places to start—and our kids' running page offers dozens of other styles to choose from.


FIT FOR YOUR SPORT Finding the right size and fit is step one, but making sure it's fit for their sport takes their game to a whole new level.
Learn more with these sport-specific shoe guides.




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