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We know the anticipation for this one has been high ever since a few unauthorized photos found their way out a couple of months back. So, without further adieu, we are proud to announce the arrival of the limited edition Koston X Heritage.

Drawing from two of Nike’s all-time favorite models, the Koston X Heritage is a unique hybrid of the Eric Koston 1 crossbred with one of Frost’s personal favorite running shoes, the equally legendary Nike Air Max 90. A blockbuster union if there ever was one, but don’t get it twisted: this ain’t no potato head job quickly slapped together by some footwear Frankenstein, but a full overhaul personally supervised by Koston himself in his typical hands-on approach to make sure the details came out just right.


The obvious thing that jumps out with the Koston X Heritage is the incorporation of the rubber back and heel details, but there’s a whole lot more going on here. In addition to its full-length Lunarlon insole, the Koston 1 provides the perfect blank slate for the enforced collar and wavy seamwork that are classic staples of the Air Max 90 design. While the Koston X Heritage represents a clever and curious experimentation, it remains first and foremost a high-performance skate shoe. Koston wouldn’t have it any other way.

“When the 90 came out, it became an instant classic. It has managed to sustain a long life simply because of how sick the design is. It's been through some other remixes like the Fuse, Free, and Vac Tech that were all amazing, so why not let me take a crack at it? Let's keep its legacy alive!,” says Eric.


Original launch colors of the Air Max 90, which inspired the colors of the Koston X Heritage.

Ever since that first wave of boards evolved out of the ocean and grew wheels, appropriation and the ability to adapt have always been at the heart of skateboarding. With an open-mind and focus on utility, skateboarding incorporates a hearty mix of the world’s best elements in order to keep it moving forward. As long as something works, the source of its inspiration is of no matter when stoke remains as the bottom line. Just as the Air Jordan 1 unintentionally became the official shoe of launch ramp-era to those new moonscapes currently being charted by a Lunarlon expedition once relegated to strictly-running, not only would it be difficult to prevent dipping into Nike’s vast back-catalog for future innovation, it would also be unwise. As such Nike Skateboarding standards as the Dunk and the Bruin prove by example of past models being revamped in our labs for the streets and parks of today, the Koston X Heritage is just one more tinkering in the spirit of “what if?”

With two different colorways paying homage to some of the original Air Max 90s scheduled to hit stores this season, and a third coming next season, is the Koston X Heritage the start of a new series from Nike Skateboarding? You’ll just have to wait and see as we try to keep the paparazzi at bay.



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