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The Nike Air Max is proof that when revolution meets evolution, a dynasty is born. Since the world got its first glimpse of Nike visible air in ’87, the Air Max Story has consistently been one of reinvention.

Next up in the evolutionary process: Engineered Mesh. This innovative fabrication revolutionises four iconic Air Max styles with lightweight breathability, while heritage gets its due through original colours and game-changing cushioning.


1987 is the year when Nike Air became visible as Nike opened the window to its sole. In the era of more–more money, more drums, more jewellery, more hair and bigger phones–the Nike Air Max 1 delivered the maximum in terms of performance and innovative colour. Coinciding with the rise of the rebel athlete, many of the era’s innovations are a punch line now, but the Nike Air Max 1 remains relevant.


A new decade was there to be written with new aesthetics and new athletic norms. Building on the precedents already set was a tough brief, but the Nike Air Max 90 may have amassed the highest mileage of any Nike Air Max shoe on the track and on the streets. A new stance in urban style as well as the shoe’s shape meant the bold accent colours were instantly accepted into an evolving realm where self-expression, self-knowledge and tough talk met.


1995’s entry in the Nike Air Max dynasty was the most dramatic redux to date, but the mission to maximise cushioning remained. Arriving at a time of excess in music, fashion and sports, an appetite for extravagance created an environment where the Nike Air Max 95 thrived. After the Nike Air Max 95, the next wave of must-have gadgets arrived with offbeat colour and emphasis on transparency. Coincidence or influence?


The Nike Air Max series was born at a time when big was best, but a decade later, it mattered even more. The question in 1997 wasn’t just who won, who competed or who broke a personal best – now it was about who was the world’s fastest. So self-assured that the swoosh design was merely a stitched mark on those clinical curves and with more Nike Air than ever via a full-length unit, the 97 was excess compressed into a bullet-train styled masterpiece.


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