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Q: What is the Nike Football App?

A: The Nike Football App is the best of Nike Football in your pocket. It allows you to play more, get closer to the pros, chat football with your crew, access the Nike Academy and get the best Nike gear all in one place.

Q: Can I buy products through the app?

A: Yes. Nike products can be bought via the app by clicking on the ‘BUY’ button and following the on screen instructions.

Q: What operating versions do I need to download?

A: To download the Nike Football App you will need iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.0.

Q: How does it let me play more?

A: The Nike Football App enables you to start a game with your crew or join a pick-up game, day and night, in 37 countries around the world.

Q: How does this app differ from other apps?

A: The Nike Football App offers a wide range of services, in addition to chat, including athlete experiences, exclusive products and access to the Nike Academy.

Q: How do I join a pick-up game?

A: To join a pick a game you must be in a crew. Once you have a crew, just tap ‘LET’S PLAY,’ edit time/location (optional), then tap ‘I’M IN’.Now it’s up to your crew to be in or out.

Q: Can I join the Nike Academy with the app?

A: Yes. In 2014 the only way to register for Nike Academy trials is via the app. The date of which will be announced closer to the time.

Q: How much does the Nike Football App cost?

A: The Nike Football App is free.

Q: How can I chat with Athletes?

A: Via the Nike Football App users will be able to interact with athletes in a variety of ways. For each experience users will need to follow the instructions on the card in the feed.

Q: Why should I download the app?

A: You should download the app to get closer to the game you love. Connecting with your crew, access to the Academy, the best of Nike gear and athlete experiences will give you the best of Nike Football in your pocket.





Q: Why do I see content in multiple languages?

A: 24hrs after you download the app, you should see content based on the country and language your phone is set to. If you switch your phone to another language or country, you might see content in the previous language as well as the new one you have switched to. New cards will appear with your current settings.

Q: I can’t see any content in my feed?

A: If you don’t see any content in your feed, please try the following steps:

1. Pull down to refresh your feed.

2. Check your phone’s connection to ensure you have data or WiFi service.

3. Quit and re-launch the app.

4. If you still do not see any content, please tweet @nikefootball.






Q: What notifications do I get with ‘Crew Notifications’ turned on?

A: Game invites and updates from your crews.

    Notifications that a crew member has joined or left the crew.

    Notifications that the crew name has been changed.

Q: What notifications do I get with “Chat Notifications’ turned on?

A: New chat messages from your crews.

Q: Is there an option to only receive a notification when someone wants to play?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there an option to turn off feed notifications?

A: Not at this time.






Q: I can’t connect to Chat – I just see a spinner.

A: Check your phone’s connection to ensure you have data or WiFi service. If you haven’t visited the app for a while, please be patient, it may take an extra moment to connect.

Q: What do the different colours mean in Chat?

A: Your own messages appear in blue, other crew members’ messages will appear in white, black, and grey.

Q: How do I know who said what in Chat?

A: The initials of the message sender appear at the bottom of each message.

Q: Can I see old chats?

A: Yes, scroll down to view a limited history of chats from your crew. However, messages are frequently cleared from the server so you may not be able to view your entire chat history.

Q: Who can see our crew chats?

A: Only members of your crew can see crew chats. This includes new members who join the crew before the chat messages are cleared from the server.






Q: How do I create a game with my crew?

A: Tap ‘LET’S PLAY,’ set the time and/or location (optional), then tap ‘I’M IN’.

Q: Can I schedule a game multiple days in advance?

A: You can only schedule a game to take place within the next 24 hours.

Q: Who can edit a game?

A: Anyone in your crew can edit the time and/or location of a game.

Q: When someone changes the time or location of a game, and I can’t make it, why do I show as ‘in’?

A: You will be shown as ‘in’ by default. But if a game time or location changes, and you can’t make it, just tap the game bar in Chat and then tap ‘I’M OUT’ to leave the game.

Q: If I say ‘I’M OUT,’ can I join the game later?

A: Yes, you can join or leave a game at any point before the game ends.

Q: How do I share a game with a friend who doesn’t have the app?

A: Tap the green bar at the bottom of Chat, then tap the share icon in the top right of the green page. You can send an invite via sms or email.

Q: When do games end?

A: Games end three hours after the start time has passed. If you or your crew keep updating the game time, they can live on for longer.






Q: How do I create a crew?

A: Menu > Manage Crews > Create Crew > Next > Insert Crew Name > Save > Invite Friends

Q: Can I invite friends to my crew if I don’t have text messaging?

A: Yes, you can invite friends to a crew via email or through any other messaging program (by using the copy to clipboard feature found in the “+” button).

Q: How do I join a crew?

A: There are 2 ways to join a crew:

1. While on your mobile device with the Nike Football app installed, tap the link from your friend. Then just tap the button to view your invite and join in.

2. Menu > Manage Crews > Join Crew With Code > Enter Code

If you are having trouble joining via the link, you can ask your friend to send you the last 6 digits of the URL that loads in the browser. Note: this is different to the code at the end of the link.

Q: How do I leave a crew?

A: From the crew chat screen, tap the ellipses in the top right corner, and then tap ‘LEAVE CREW’. Tap ‘YES’ to confirm.

Q: Can I delete my crew?

A: No, but you can leave your crew. Leaving your crew will remove you from all crew communication, however, your messages are still in the chat history with your initials removed. When all members of a crew leave a crew, it is deleted.

Q: Can I remove someone from my crew?

A: No. An individual crew member can choose to leave the crew, but other members cannot remove them.

Q: How do I upload a profile photo?

A: Menu > Settings > Tap ‘+’ sign under circular Profile photo. This is the photo used across your whole Nike account.

Q: How do I edit my crew name?

A: Menu > Manage Crews > Tap your crew name > Edit > edit your crew name > Save

Q: How many crews can I join?

A: No more than 10. If you receive a new crew invite when you are already a member of 10 crews, you must leave one of your existing crews in order to join the new one.

Q: How many people can be in a crew?

A: Maximum of 25 at one time. However, if people leave the crew, new members can join. If you want to have more you will need to start a new crew.

Q: How many people can be in a game?

A: Anyone who is in the crew can respond with “I’M IN” or “I’M OUT” to a game.






Q: I forgot my Nike password, what do I do?

A: Tap ‘FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD’ button on the ‘sign in’ screen, it will ask you to enter a valid email address to receive instructions on how to reset your password.

Q: Where can I download the Nike Football App?

A: You can download Nike Football from the iTunes® App Store or from Google Play. Visit for links to download.

Q: If I need help with the NF App in the future, who can I contact?

A: Tweet @nikefootball if you have any further questions.