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Winning heats was written into Kolohe’s DNA right next to his blonde hair and acid wit. The 18-year-old from San Clemente, California has surfing competition running in his capillaries and his ascent to the elite ASP World Tour was never an “if,” but always a “when.” And yet, even as it unfolded last season, no one could have foreseen a rise so rapid, or so young or so stylish.

In 2011, following a celebrated amateur career with years still left on its meter, Kolohe stepped up. Peers his age were hustling junior circuits while Kolohe was on the road, attacking the ASP qualifying series with a ferocity that rattled cages to the top and gained him a World Tour berth for 2012. He marked the arrival with his official Tour debut in March at Australia’s Snapper Rocks, the next inevitable step in a lifelong climb.

Now Kolohe is creating his legacy one wave at a time. His dad Dino and coach Mike Parsons, both renowned former competitors, give guidance on the road. Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, Kolohe’s shaper since age six, kicks him 10 boards a month, each precisely tuned. He stays sharp through cross training and surfs three times a day or more. He’s swimming in talent, desire and support. This is Kolohe’s rookie year, this is his legacy and he’s making it count. 


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