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What is Nike Training Club (NTC)?
NTC is a training app with dozens of full-body workouts developed by a Nike professional trainer. Built from functional, multi-dimensional drills, these workouts are inspired by world-class athletes and based on years of Nike research, helping you get lean, toned and strong with audio guidance from a professional.

Workouts can be completed in 15, 30 or 45 minutes. But it doesn’t stop there: exclusive rewards like workouts from professional athletes and training advice are unlocked within the app once you reach key milestones.

Can I get NTC in my language?

NTC for iPhones is currently available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The language you receive it in is determined by your phone’s default language settings. You can find these by tapping on Settings on your iPhone, then General and International.

At this time NTC is only available in English on Android phones, but you can still download it wherever you are in the world.

Is NTC free?
Yes. The app is free to download and to update.

What type of phone do I need?
NTC was designed to work on iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Android phones.

What software do I need?
The NTC iPhone and iPod Touch app requires iOS version 4.3 and above. The NTC Android app requires version 2.3 and above.

What type of internet connection do I need?
To download the app and bonus content, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need internet connection to use the app.

Do I need to register?
Yes. Registering helps us to keep improving the app for the future. It helps us to track how people use NTC, and plan developments that make the experience even better.

Registering also means you can share your workout status, unlock badges and receive bonus workouts and get recommendations for training gear that will maximize your performance.

Why do you need my email address?
Your email address is unique to you, so we can guarantee your account is secure. Having your email address also means we can send you badge updates, ask your opinion and let you know of upcoming app developments. For more details of how we use your data, please check our Privacy Policy.

Can more than one person use their own NTC account on the same device?
NTC is a single device app, so it’s just for one user.

If I need help with NTC in future, who can I contact?

If you can’t find the answer you need here, you can call us toll-free, email us or chat online.



What types of training does NTC offer me?
NTC is mainly a functional fitness training app. Functional training is a type of exercise that trains the entire body to perform better. It develops better muscular balance and joint stability, reducing the risk of injury and reinforcing the body's ability to move freely during any activity. It strengthens everything—core, back, upper body and lower body—and is ideal for everyone: from the performance athlete to someone simply looking to get in shape. NTC also offers some gym, high intensity and studio based workouts such as yoga and pilates.

Who is the trainer behind NTC?

Marie Purvis is an international trainer-of-trainers who has custom-built all of NTC’s full-body and targeted workouts. As a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, with personal trainer certification, and a roster of clients that includes professional athletes and non-athletes of all ages, Marie has the unique expertise and well-rounded background necessary to develop NTC’s diverse program.

Do I need to be a professional trainer to use this?
No. NTC is for all levels of fitness. You can select a workout to suit your ability.

What if I’m new to this type of training?
Workouts range from beginner to advanced, so you can choose the level that works for you. There are also different types of workouts—some with more cardio while others have more weights—so you can opt for the style that suits you. The volume and variety of workouts guarantee there will be something for everyone.

How will I know which workout is right for me?
Choose the level and style of workout that matches your goals. The app descriptions make workout selection an easy and intuitive process. Make sure you preview the drills for each workout before you start, so you know what to expect and what equipment you might need. Detailed instructions and videos ensure you know how to perform each drill.

Can I skip a drill?
Once you’ve started a workout, you can’t skip to the next drill within the workout.

Can I replay my last drill?
Unfortunately, you can’t replay your last drill. You can only pause your workouts.

Do I need special equipment?
No. You can do all of the drills and workouts without equipment or weights. But some drills will be even more effective if you are able to complete them with equipment.

How do I pause a workout?
As you work out, you’ll see a large button on the bottom right that can be used to pause your workout. When you’re ready to begin again, press ‘Play’ in the centre of your screen.

How do I find my most recent workout?
When you first open the app, you'll be able to start your last workout quickly from the homepage. You also can see all your previous workouts by choosing 'My Workouts'.

How do I unlock rewards and gain badges?
For every minute of training, you get closer to NTC exclusive rewards like personal training advice and star workouts. You unlock embedded reward content as you reach training milestones and earn badges.



Why am I having trouble downloading NTC?
Please first ensure you have enough space on your phone for the app (estimated 1GB). Also check your Wi-Fi connection. If you lose connectivity, the download and install will pause until Wi-Fi is restored. You may find it easiest to download the app on your desktop computer, and then sync it to your phone.

Why can’t I login?
Check there are no spelling errors in your email address or password. Nike+ passwords are a combination of letters and numbers, and must use both upper and lower case letters. If there is no issue with your login details, our servers may be temporarily experiencing problems. If this is the case, we are very sorry and will be working to fix the issue as soon as we possibly can.

I’m trying to sign up, but it says I already have an account?
If you have registered for NTC previously, if you have a Nike+ device or if you have purchased something from in the past, you may have an account. Tap ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email address for a password reminder. Or you can choose to register with a different email address.

I asked for a password reminder and it says my email address was not found?
The email address you entered has not been recognized as a valid email address to log in to Please check the email address entered or create a new account.

I’ve reinstalled the app or got a new phone. Why have I lost my minutes and badges?
Your NTC minutes and badges are stored on your phone. So if you replace your phone with a new one, or if you have to reinstall the app for some reason and haven’t synced with Nike, we’re very sorry but you will lose this data. If you have a recent back-up, you can restore most of your minutes from there. We know this isn’t great, and we’re working right now towards a better solution.

How do I change the music track?
In the top left corner of your screen you will see a musical note. Select it and you’ll be able to skip to other tracks from your playlists. However this doesn’t work for songs purchased via Google play store.

Can I use my NTC account on more than one device?
Your NTC account can be used on more than one device, but any accrued minutes or rewards will not appear on the second device.

How do I upgrade my app?
Your existing NTC app will automatically update in your App Store. All you need to do is tap the ‘Update’ button.

How do I opt out or disconnect from Facebook on NTC?
NTC does not require you to log in to Facebook, so you don’t have to link it to your account if you don’t want to share your progress. You can disable Facebook from NTC at any time, from your Settings screen.

How do I log out of NTC?
Once you’ve completed a workout and your badge has been earned, you’ll be given the option to select ‘Done’. You can then close the app, and your progress will be automatically saved. However, if you want to log out, you can do so in your Settings page.

I have an issue that isn’t covered here. Who can I talk to?

If you can’t find the answer you need here, you can call us toll-free, email us or chat online.



What else can I get from NTC?

Nike Training Club is more than just an app on your phone. It’s a women’s fitness community offering up the expertise, inspiration and motivation for you to achieve your goals. Join us on Facebook for news of upcoming app developments, training and diet insights, and details of live NTC classes.

How can I know about what’s coming next for the NTC app?

If you’re a registered user of the NTC app, we will email you about any developments or updates. But you can also hear app news and see exclusive athlete videos and other content via our community on Facebook.

How can I find out if there’s an NTC class in my area?

NTC classes are currently limited to major cities. Follow us on Facebook for details of any classes in your area.




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