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How do I register?

  •  All registrations will take place via []
  • You can register via your mobile or desktop
  • You will be prompted to register with Nike+  as first point of registration


How long is registration open for?

Registration is open from the 6th Feb 2014 until we reach capacity.


How many runners will be participating?

There will be 10,000 runners taking part in the Nike We Own The Night 10k.

How do I know I’ve been accepted into the race?

When registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you have a confirmation email then you have a place in the race. Receiving other race related emails such as payment confirmation or pre-race instructions is another indication that you are entered to the race.


If you are unsure that you are entered to the race, follow the procedure below:


1.  Check to see if you received a confirmation email from us. You may not be receiving any emails from us even if you are entered for the following reasons:

  • You provided us with an incorrect or out of date email address
  • The emails are being directed into your junk folder
  • Our emails are being rejected by your email server
  • Our email service has delayed or lost your email


2.  If you have been charged the entry fee but have not received any emails from us then please contact us through the customer service contact details in the ‘general’ section below. We will respond to let you know whether you are entered or not. If you are concerned that you aren't entered into the race please contact us straight away. Do not leave it until the last minute to query it as the race may then be full.


Is there a fee to use Nike+?

Registering with Nike+ is free.


To register, all participants will be required to login or set up a Nike+  account. This will enhance your training and race day experience. Registering as a Nike+  member upon registration is a mandatory requirement to enter the race.

If you have an iphone or android device, then you can download the free Nike+ Running App.


Who can register?

The race is open to women [and men] who are 16 years or older. Runners under the age of 16 cannot enter.  Please be aware that if you are under 18, you need to print out the parental waiver when you collecting your race pack.


What is the fee to race in the Nike We Own The Night 10k?

Registration is £28 including VAT


Can I register for my friends too?

Registration for the Nike We Own the Night 10K race is individual, however we do encourage you to invite your friends to sign up and join you for a run like no other.


What are the 3 types of runner I can choose from during registration?

There are 3 types of runner you can choose from namely; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Selecting one of these options will not only assist us with allocating you the correct pace group on race day, but more importantly, allow us to provide you a training plan which is right for you.


Will there be an elite division?

The Nike We Own The Night 10K will not provide an early, elite start.


What are the payment methods for registration?

We use PayPal and credit cards to process all payments. If you are paying with Visa, Mastercard or American Express you can choose to do so directly through the registration website, or you can do so through your PayPal account, and complete the transaction.


What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

The PayPal site will allow you to pay without needing to create an account. The link is towards the bottom of the Paypal site.


What if I register and then become injured or am unable to attend the race?

Unfortunately no refunds are available for the Nike We Own The Night 10K race.


Can I transfer my registration to another runner?

Unfortunately no transfers are available for the Nike We Own The Night 10K race.


I’ve registered for the London race. Can I register for the other 10k races in other cities?

Yes, you can register for the other races as well, please select another city on

You will be required to register for each race individually.


Browser matrix

These are the browsers that support the race registration tool:

IE9 (Win 7), IE8 (Win 7, XP), Chrome Latest (Win 7, Mac, Win XP), FF Latest (Win 7, Mac, Win XP), Safari Latest (Mac)


Usable Devices:

The following devices can be used to register for the race:

iPhone 5 / iOS 6.1, iPad 3 / iOS 6.1, iPad Mini / iOS 6.1, Samsung Galaxy SII (480 x 800) / Android Gingerbread, HTC One X (720 x 1280) / Android Ice cream Sandwich, Samsung Galaxy Tablet / Android Ice cream Sandwich, iPhone 4S  / iOS 6.1, iPhone 3GS / iOS 5.1, iPad 2 / iOS 5.1, Nokia Lumia 920 / Windows 8*, Blackberry 8520 *


* The Windows 8 and Blackberry devices are likely to be partially supported. That means the pages should function properly, but may render with formatting issues.



Is there a training plan?

Yes –there will be a training plan, which will help you to reach your goal.

More information on the training plan will follow later.


Where and when do I pick up my Race Pack?


You can collect your race pack from Niketown London (236 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1DE) from 10am on April 7th. We strongly recommend race pack collection well before race day as the content will support your race preparation. Pack pick up will end at 9pm on May 9th. If you are unable to collect your race pack by this point then there is a final opportunity to collect your pack on May 10th from 10am until 3pm from the festival events village at Victoria Park (Tower Hamlets, London, E9 7BT.)


Please note that it takes at least 48 hours for your race registration to be processed and for your race pack to be ready for collection from Niketown, London.


What identification do I require to collect my Race Pack? Can I get someone else to pick up my race pack? 


You will need your printed confirmation email and one form of ID to collect your race pack. If you are under 18 years old please bring parental consent form. Race packs will not be issued without this.

If you are unable to collect your race pack then a friend may collect it on your behalf providing they have your confirmation email, some form of Photo ID and know the start wave that you would like to be in. The start waves will be based on the Nike+ information below:

Black - I am an experienced & fast runner averaging 4.5min/KM (sub-45min 10K)

Purple - I am swift on my feet and enter races regularly with an average of 5min/km (sub-50min 10k)

Blue - I am a confident runner pushing my limits for an average of 5.5min/km (sub-55min 10k)

Green - I run regularly at a steady pace of 6min/km (sub-1hr 10k)

Orange - I run casually once or twice a week at a comfortable pace (sub- 1hr 10min 10k)

Yellow - It’s my first 10km, just aiming for the finish line (over 1hr 10mins 10k)


Can I change my race t-shirt for a different size? What happens if the race t-shirt is defective?


When you pick up your race pack, you will be able to exchange your race t-shirt for a different size or if the product is faulty.



Where is the race?

The race will be taking place within Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets.


What is the distance?

We Own The Night is a 10K race (6.2 miles)


Will there be pacers?

Yes, pacers will be available to help you get the time you want?


Is it chip timed?



What time does the race start and when shall I arrive?

The race will start at 8pm. The event village will be open for you and your family and friends from 6pm. Please allow plenty of time to make your way to the event village, use the facilities and store your bag if necessary. Please bear in mind that the walk from both Bethnal Green and Mile End tube stations takes approximately 20 minutes.


What are the course details?

The Event Village is located in the North East of the Park near to Lock House Gate and St Mark’s Gate (a map will be provided).

The course is contained fully within Victoria Park and follows a fast and flat course around the outer perimeter path of the Park (a course map will be provided).


Will it be possible to store my things during the race?

Yes, there will be bag check facilities at the event. You will be provided with a bag tag in your race pack.


Will there be refreshments during the race?

Yes, water will be handed out on the course, and there will be food and drink to buy before and after the race.


Is there a time limit for the completion of the race?

The race will finish at 10.30pm, therefore all participants will be required to finish the race within a three hour time limit. The Event Village will close at 11pm when all participants will be asked to make their way out of the Park.


Can I bring my friends and family to watch?

Yes, advice will follow as to the best viewing spots for them to see you run!



Getting To and From Victoria Park

There is no car parking at Victoria Park or in the immediate vicinity. Please use public transport to make your way to the event.


The nearest tube stations to Victoria Park are:

  •   Mile End (District & Central Lines)
  •   Bethnal Green (Central Line)
  •   Bow Road (District Line)
  •   Stratford (Jubilee Line)
  •   Bow Church (DLR)


London Bus routes that pass close to Victoria Park are:

8, 309, 339, 388, D3, D6, S2


The nearest overground stations to Victoria Park are:

  •   Hackney Wick
  •   Bethnal Green
  •   Cambridge Heath



When can I look up my race results?

We are using a real-time race result technology, which means your results will be published on the race result page immediately. Your race position will be added and shown 30 minutes after the last runner has crossed the finish line.


Race times are based on the D-Tag timing chip attached to each runners Shoe. The timing device will not begin until the runner crosses the start line and will only end when the runner crosses the finish gantry.


How can I look up my race results?

Firstly, please make sure you have entered your first name followed by a space and then your last name (e.g. Susan Jones). If you still can’t see your results, please ensure you are using the full name you registered with (e.g. ‘Joanne Smith’ instead of ‘Jo Smith’).


Alternatively, enter your unique race number (BIB number), which you can find on your timing chip.


If, during sign-up, you opted to not display your name next to your results then you will be unable to search using your name and will need to use your race number.


If you did not finish the race due to personal choice or injury then you will only see race statistics up until the point, which you ran.


If you still can’t see your results or if you need to retrieve your race number, call Nike customer support. They will contact the race organizers who will try to look up your results.


I have entered my runner number but no results were found

Please check that your runner number is entered correctly, including any leading zero's (e.g. ‘0004’ instead of just ‘4’)


If you did not finish the race due to personal choice or injury then you will only see race statistics up until the point, which you ran.


I have lost my runner number and searching with my name yields no results. What can I do?

Please contact Consumer Services. They will need name and email dress of the runner to double check the race results.


I want to share my results on Facebook or Twitter. What information will my friends see?

When you share your results, the post will show your overall time. The post will also include a link to your results page. This means all the data you can see (position, time, pace, splits) will also be visible to anyone who follows your link on Facebook or Twitter.

Why do I not have a split time for one or more sections of the run?

This can be caused by a malfunction in the tag, the tag sensor or by runners who did not run over the sensors during the race.


How long will I be able to check my results?

The Race Result site will be decommissioned after 2 months after the final race.



Generic photos of the event will be available on the Nike Running UK Facebook page.


Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you need to contact Nike with questions regarding “We Own the night, please use the following link: or dial +44 (0) 2076604452.