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Nike Flyknit

Nike Flyknit is a paradigm shift.  

It changes the way performance footwear is designed, produced and worn. It’s a technology that allows the upper to be created out of precisely engineered yarns to create a lightweight, formfitting and virtually seamless upper, designed to deliver great performance while reducing material waste.

Performance. Lightness. Formfitting. Sustainability.

These are the core benefits of the Nike Flyknit innovation. They are also the pillars that have broadly formed the foundation of Nike design for the last 40 years. They are ideals that require a constant evolution of problem solving through design.  

The Nike Flyknit Collective

These are not qualities coveted solely by athletes looking for the competitive edge. They are a set of fundamental principles of design, art and architecture. Which is why Nike has created the Nike Flyknit Collective: a platform for creatives in all fields to convert the abstract benefits of Nike Flyknit into practical, physical structures and spaces. In their own way. And in their own communities.



UVA Floating Point, The New Aske Gardens, London

The London‐based collective UVA is formed around a cross-pollination of a number of disciplines that includes art, architecture, communication, design and computer science. UVA’s projects are progressive and innovative, often combining live performance with real-time data. Information is their principle medium and by giving it form, UVA follows many of the principles of Nike Flyknit; performance, lightness and formfitting are touchstones in these projects, taking movement, light and information as the key ingredients in their staged spectacles.

Floating Point invites people to enjoy a sense of motion and levity, whilst creating a spectacle of light and sound for the audience. The design of the artwork has been developed using three central trampolines that encourage performers to bounce on an illuminated weave surface. Capturing the essential joy of weightlessness and amplifying that flight and power, participants’ leaps are translated into sound and light that turns the installation into a musical instrument, with people’s movement determining how it is played. By working together, each group of participants generates a unique soundscape for the park.



Jenny Sabin’s Mythread Pavllion, New York

Can you knit and braid a building? At the intersection of art, architecture, design and science, you will find Jenny Sabin who says yes. Like Nike Flyknit, which uses simple threads to create a complex formfitting structure on a performance-enhancing shoe, Sabin’s fusions of science, art and technology open the door to new ways of thinking about structure and the relationship of the body to technology. “I’m very interested in probing the human body as a bio-dynamic model that can give us new ways of thinking about issues of performance and adaptation at an architectural scale,” says Sabin. “Performance, lightness, formfitting, sustainability become immediately relevant in terms of what we are doing.”

The myThread Pavilion is the result of this approach, with a harder outside construction and softer, organic inner material. Composed of adaptive knitted, SolarActive®, reflective photo luminescent threads and a steel cable net holding hundreds of aluminum rings, the simplicity of knitted geometries meets the complexity of a body in motion. Linking biology and innovation, technology and tradition, this is an analog representation of not just the benefits of Nike Flyknit, but also the activities and performance of the individuals that went into its making. This installation's adaptable sensitivity and flexibility mirrors the human form. It is its own environment, its own community and its own energy.



Ernesto Neto OBichoSusPensoNaPaisaGen, Rio De Janeiro

ObichoSusPensoNaPaisaGen is an interactive hand made sculpture over 40 meters long and 12 meters wide, made entirely by hand, with polypropylene rope, plastic balls, and stones, using a manual crochet technique. Conceived as a hanging garden, the work invites the public into a physical and visual experience.

Neto’s piece invites participants to climb into its netted enclosure, stretch, relax and consider the qualities of formfitting structures and their interaction with the human bodies. Two ramps are offered as ways in. Along the climb, the experience is of immersion into a large three-dimensional painting. The rope knits were commissioned specially by the artist in mixed colors, in a great variety of shades of red, orange, green and purple, amongst others, mirroring the Nike Flyknit color palette.



Arthur Huangs Feather Pavillion, Shanghai

Taipai-based engineer, architect, entrepreneur and pioneer in sustainable thinking, Arthur Huang sees the world differently. His interpretation of Nike Flyknit’s key tenets resulted in the creation of The Feather. This spectacular space is a platform for showcasing every value of Nike Flyknit in an interactive, innovative way, that lets multiple concepts take flight though inspiration from nature’s own mechanical masterpiece — The Feather.

For Huang, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s the art of turning trash, something of no perceived value, something seen as primitive, into something awe inspiring. Made entirely from recycled PET, each POLLI-Brick interlocks to create a resilient structure. To add further 100% organic reinforcement, recycled rice husks continue this design’s merger of tradition and the future of creativity.





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