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How was your recent trip to the USA? What did you get up to?

Myself and 11 friends from Australia and New Zealand went on a 5 week skate trip down the east coast of America. We hit NYC, Washington DC, Baltimore and Philly. So much insanity went down, travelling with a huge crew is amazing and someone is always up to something. We hired a huge van for the majority of the time and rented a bunch of different houses so the expenses were cut down. Everyone would put in and with 11 of us it obviously made it pretty affordable for everyone. Plus everything is dirt cheap in America.

What were the skate scenarios like?

When you are rolling so deep, you can get away with skating more risky areas or skating at night. Skating in ghetto areas that you would never try to skate by yourself are way more accessible with a posse. Safety in numbers right! Whenever we got busted for skating by the local authorities we would be let off as Australians and New Zealanders, it seriously felt like we could skate a Police station and get away with it

What have you been up to since you got back? Resting up or straight back in to skating?

I flew back to Melbourne and chilled for one day before jumping in the van with the Nike SB team to drive to Canberra on a filming mission based around the Belcopalooza contest. The trip was so much fun and I was surprised how well the body coped after five straight weeks of being on the road and skating every day. I just got back home to Perth and my girlfriend Kimbo. She had booked a few nights down south at Margaret River, which was just what I needed. Some time to chill. Thanks Kimbo!

It's been said that Melbourne is the skateboarding capital of Australia. What stops you from leaving home to live somewhere like Melbourne or Sydney? How's the Perth skateboarding scene at the moment?

The Perth scene is so good, it always has been. Perth is an amazing place in general; it’s so small but has a lot going on. Momentum skate shop really helped build the scene and has been supporting it for the last 20 years. There are also five or so dedicated Filmers out here that keep people psyched to skate, I swear there’s a new video coming out every month or so. Some good ones to check out are Josh Roberts’ video called "Howards Groove" and Alex Yates’ "Studium", another video called "Blacklisted" by Tyson and Brunz finally made it onto DVD too so check it.I've definitely considered moving to Melbourne or Sydney but the right time hasn't come up yet, I definitely wouldn't rule it out in the future as I love both those places but at the moment Perth is right for me.

How does the new Project BA shoe feel?

For someone that skates both street and transition would you say it's better for one or the other?The new Project BA shoe surprised me on how good it felt for flipping my board once I wore it in, which didn’t take long at all. I guess I don’t usually wear an Impact shoe but they really do have a lot of support for your feet, which is definitely important when you skate for long periods, especially if you are hucking down something. I don’t know if there is really a difference in what I look for in terms of skating transition or street. It’s all skating to me and as long as I can feel my board, they are comfortable and I have the right amount of support for my feet I am happy.

What do you think of the running influenced design of the Project BA? Do you think it could be the way of future skateboarding footwear?

The running influence on the design will definitely catch a lot of attention, as it is somewhat different to most of what’s out there at the moment. It’s not something totally new to skateboarding but it has been quite a while since I’ve seen or skated a shoe of this design, and I’m hyped on it. The fact the shoe skates really well with a bit of a different design should make it really popular, plus the fact that Brian Anderson designed it. The guys a legend. I'm sure the Project BA has the potential to influence a lot of other shoe designs. Only time will tell if it is the future of skate footwear, but I guess everything always comes around.

Do you have a favourite Brian Anderson part?

I’d have to say Yeah Right, I think it was due to my age in skating and the fact it was pre-internet at the time it came out. We watched that DVD over and over and over. His powerhouse yet slow motion style of skating always spun me out, such a big dude with real good style is somewhat rare in skating.

Have you ever skated with him? Have you got spots for him in Perth?

Nah I’ve never skated with him but I saw him skate the Girl/Choc Demo at Manning in Perth many years ago. Still to this day that was one of the best sessions I’ve ever witnessed.

What are your plans for the next 6 months? Is Perth's summer heat bearable for skating or strictly beach weather?

I’m just planning to do what I normally do, skate as much as I can during summer, get busy filming, go on as many skate trips as possible, enjoy working, maybe hit the beach when it gets hot and hang out with Kimbo, my friends and my family.



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