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Morgan is well-known for his open-hearted approach to life and his nomadic approach to skateboarding. Drawing an early influence from Back to the Future, Morgan was there for the arrival of street skating in the late 80’s and was part of the force that drove street skating in Australia during the early 90’s.

Somewhat of a skate gypsy for many years he travelled the globe constantly, escaping the winters on an eternal search for new skate spots. 

You may recall Zero’s ‘Misled Youth’ video from 1998 and a young Morgs doing an impossible lipslide down the famous San Deiguito rail in the friends section. To say this was ahead of its time is an understatement.   

Morgan turned pro for distinguished UK based board company Blueprint in 2000. A true creative he has always been able to turn his hand to writing and consequently edited Australian Skateboarding Magazine in 2000.

Following this, he went on to co-found the Australia-based video magazine Liquid Pixel in 2002. The list of Morgan's creative endeavours is endless.

These days Morgan continues to skate the most obscure spots with his own unique approach and has a lead role at SBA (Skateboarding Australia) as Digital Content Manager.


Sponsors: Nike Skateboarding footwear, The 4 Skateboard Company, Independent Trucks, type-s wheels, Modus Bearings, Momentum & Hemley.
Hometown: Fremantle, Western Australia
Board: 8¼
Trucks: 159mm
Wheels: 52mm
Shoe Size: 9½
Twitter: non-tweeting type
Instagram: @morgan_campbell