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  • Andrew Currie

    Andrew Currie



Lets just establish how long Andrew Currie has been around for.

Andrew was hand picked by Skip Engblom to ride for SMA in 1991 at age 15. It was the same year that he became the editor for SLAM magazine. He then joined Foundation at age 17 and gained notoriety and respect through his parts in the videos "Super Conductor", "Super Collider" and "Tentacles of Destruction".

Opting for an Australian based professional career he became a key component of Time Skateboards, one of Australias most respected board companies to date.

He moved on to ride for Ricky Oyola's company Silverstar in 1998.

The first ever Hoon Run was in 1999. This saw a group of mates from Australia and the US hitting the road for the first time in search of skatespots and good times. Little did they know what it would become.

Hoon became a wheel company in 2006 and then into a board company in 2010.

Andrew still skates regularly, actually, he still rips regularly. He is currently Operations Manager at SBA (Skateboarding Australia) and facilitates various contest circuits that are finding the next generation of young Australian rippers.


Sponsors: Hoon, Nike, Independent, Modus
Birthdate: 22/04/75
Hometown: Gold Coast, QLD
Board: 8.25
Trucks: 139
Wheels: 54
Shoe Size: 9