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The latest in Nike SB’s collaborations with Cambridge’s Concepts shop was something that was never supposed to happen. That’s not a dig against Concepts co-owner Deon Point and his crew, who’s previous crustacean-related Dunks have become the stuff of legend among sneaker connoisseurs and crawfish aficionados the world over. But this latest design finds the guys being washed ashore and taking flight with a new direction in design centred around something a little less probable.


As an early flagship store for the Nike Skateboarding programme, Concepts’ has worked steadily outside of the box to become one the Northeast’s premiere shops. When the opportunity for a collaboration presented itself, the New England staple tapped into some regional flavour of the shellfish variety and netted a classic series of sneakers. Intensely sought after by collectors, the store lived up to their namesake with highly-imaginative concepts for their late-2000’s releases that were often paired with particulars like specially designed boxes, table cloth-styled insoles and safety minded toe box -rubber bands to prevent snapping. Leaving no stone unturned, these fully realised limited releases remain a seafaring favourite from Nike Skateboarding for sneaker fans around the globe.

But in the wake of all this mollusk madness, Deon and the gang found themselves a bit sick of seafood. Anxious to try something different with a new collaboration on the horizon, Concepts opted for an idea more “turf” than “surf” and set the sights on the stratosphere with a hog-wild pork-centric model.


The initial reaction to Concepts’ new proposal of an all-pink ode to oinkers decked out in full pig suede was met with scepticism. Much like when the crew magically turned crustacean into craze before our very eyes, critics likened the odds of success for the new release to that of hogs taking flight. But the confident New Englanders stuck to their guns and drew upon their near-two decades of experience in the cut-throat sneaker game by honing in on a hush-hush street mythos that’s been proven time and time again: sneakerheads love some hog hide. With the design department in firm agreement to this little-known nugget of wisdom, we’re now proud to announce the newest Concepts x Nike project, a Dunk Hi SB slated for lift off in late-November.

While flipping the swine-inspired colourway lovely, Concepts couldn't help but add a little jab at the naysayers who said these pigs would never fly. The silver swoosh on this otherwise all-pink release is intended not only to give these guys the gift of flight but also representing a tip of the hat to Nike Skateboarding’s current 10th Anniversary year.

So as excitement peaks with fans wondering what else the crew might have up their sleeve, prepare for lift-off as Concepts' newest creation boldly defies logic and wins, once again proving that anything is possible with Nike Skateboarding.


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