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Photos for HO13 of 360 camera video shoot

Nike Skateboarding 360 video

Nike Skateboarding’s new 360 video submerges the viewer in an extraordinary interactive session like you’ve never experienced before! Check it out at

Observer becomes director as you take the controls inside our Sixth and Mill skatepark while Nike Skateboarding riders Paul Rodriguez, Shane O'Neill, Theotis Beasley, Justin Brock, Donovon Piscopo and Youness Amrani shred everything in sight. Go to the site and click on the player window while you pan around to follow your favourite rider or find the perfect line, it’s entirely up to you. With an unparalleled real-time 360 degree view of the carnage you’ve suddenly found yourself engulfed in, our new video is now in your hands. Also be sure to check out all the latest footwear and apparel the team is rocking during the video in the Style Guide section.




Nike Skateboarding News

Nike SB. Inside Nike Skateboarding


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  • Nike SB

    Nike SB

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Paul Rodriguez

  • Eric Koston

    Eric Koston

  • Shane O'Neill

    Shane O'Neill

  • Sean Malto

    Sean Malto

  • Theotis Beasley

    Theotis Beasley

  • Omar Salazar

    Omar Salazar

  • Stefan Janoski

    Stefan Janoski

  • Alex Olson

    Alex Olson